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Heliskiing in Alaska

You can try skiing in plenty of countries. But what about something really special, like heliskiing?


If crowded ski resorts don’t impress you anymore, there is a special experience waiting for you in Alaska. Heliskiing, or helicopter skiing, is quite popular in Alaska so you can easily find and book a personal tour here. It is quite an expensive activity but just imagine what you will get —a breathtaking helicopter flight above majestic snowy peaks and pristine slopes. You can spend your time in secluded mountains for a full day of excellent skiing. No tourists, n​o queues, no noise, only you and virgin nature. Face to face. Needless to say, it is quite an experience.

Practical info

When is the best time for heliskiing in Alaska?

It's best to head to Alaska for heliskiing between late February to early April, for stable weather conditions and ideal snow. Though Alaska's weather can be unpredictable so it's always best to check the forecast before setting out. Show more

What are the top locations for heliskiing in Alaska?

Alaska has many sought-after heliskiing locations, which include the Chugach range, Talkeetna Mountains and Alaska Range. A helicopter flight can take you to these locations, customising the experience based on your preferences. Show more

What is the average cost of heliskiing in Alaska?

The experience of heliskiing in Alaska can be an expensive activity as prices vary based on the tour company, location and experience length. One-day trip costs an average of $1,000 - $2,000, while longer trips range from $5,000 - $10,000. Many tour companies offer packages, that often include lodging and meals, to make the total cost worth it. Show more

What experience to expect on a heliskiing tour in Alaska?

A heliskiing tour in Alaska typically offers a unique experience with a stunning helicopter flight and views of scenic mountain peaks. The tour offers access to some of the world's best ski terrain and snow conditions, while expert guides ensure safety and offer advice on handling the challenging terrain. The experience is a perfect way to explore Alaska's natural landscape, get some exercise, and have fun. Show more

What skiing level is recommended for heliskiing in Alaska?

Heliskiing in Alaska requires intermediate to advanced skiing skills since the deep snow and varied slope pitches can be challenging to ski. It's crucial to assess your skiing ability and fitness before booking a heliskiing tour. Some tour companies offer lessons that can help guests develop the necessary skills for heliskiing. Show more

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