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Best time of year to visit Alaska

Due to wildlife visibility and comfortable weather conditions for sightings, mid-May to mid-September is the best time to visit Alaska. Days are longer and warmer during the summer. The weather during this period is mostly pleasant but it can change quickly any time of the year, so pack a warm coat anyway. Crowded summer and early autumn are perfect for glacier cruises or for conquering Denali, Alaska's highest peak. In view of the frosty weather, tours usually stop in late September. October opens a season colder and darker days, and Alaska enters hibernation until April. However, November and December are perfect for ice skating or railroad trips. January to April can be a good idea if you are desperately longing for winter sports or Northern Lights watching. The period between May and June sees rising temperatures, awakening wildlife, and shoulder-season prices.


Active Glaciers Cruise

June–July • activity

Witness one of the scariest and most beautiful phenomena of Alaska—glacier calving

Bear Watching

June–August • nature

It’s impossible to imagine Alaska without wild bears. Come and see these strong animals in their natural habitat!

Ice Caves

July–mid-September • activity

A new unknown world is hidden under the majestic Alaskan glaciers

Kayaking among the Kenai Fjords

late May–mid-September • activity

The Kenai Fjords National Park is considered one of the most beautiful places in Alaska. There is no need to say that kayaking there is something unbelievable!


May–July • activity

The highest mountain peak in​ North America is located in Alaska. Are you ready to conquer it?

Midnight Sun

May 10–August 02 • nature

Witness a unique natural phenomenon—Polar Day

Makushin Volcano

June–August • activity

From land, it looks like a snowy mountain, but actually, it is an active volcano—one of the most interesting places within th​e Aleutian Islands

Chilkoot Trail Hiking

July–August • activity

Follow the path of prospectors and enjoy picturesque views of Alaskan nature

Walrus Watching

June–August • nature

Have you ever seen a walrus in your life? In Alaska, you can see hundreds of them at one​ spot


May–October • activity

A combination of hiking and rafting is one of Alaska's best secrets

Rainforest Ziplining

May–September • activity

Fly above the tallest trees of Alaska and enjoy breathtaking views from a unique angle

Gold Panning

May–September • activity

Alaskan lands remember the times of the great Gold Rush. Moreover, there is still a chance to get some gold! Are you ready to face this challenge?

Summer Railroad Trip

mid-May–mid-September • activity

The Alaska railroad will help you to make your journey an unforgettable adventure. Just buy a ticket!

Whale Watching

April–August • activity

Whales are the largest mammals in the world. Seeing them is a truly unforgettable experience!

Glacier Hiking

May–September • activity

Are you brave enough to feel the power of ice? If so, come to Alaska and discover the breathtaking beauty of glaciers

Cured Salmon Strips

May–August • food

Smoked and dried​ salmon strips prepared according to old Alaskan recipes are the best snack here!


July–August • food

Berries mixed with dried fish, walrus tallow, and reindeer fat—sounds strange? Alaskans don’t think so

Ethnic Villages

mid-May–mid-September • activity

The real spirit of Native American culture lives in small northern villages

Glacier Jet Skiing

May–September • activity

Glacier jet skiing – does it even exist? Yes! And it can be an amazing adventure

Tana Glacier at St. Ellias National Park

July–early September • activity

Perhaps the most difficult backpacking route in all of Alaska. Though as beautiful and rewarding as it is hard!

Summer Dog Sledding

May–October • activity

Don’t think that dog sledding is available only in winter! In Alaska, ​you can try this kind of sport even during summertime


May–September • activity

Enjoy the noise of rushing water, amazing nature, and fresh pine air. Rafting in Alaska is better than anywhere else!

Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom

June–August • nature

Don't think that Alaska is only a land with snowy mountains and glaciers. It has beautiful and flamboyant flora too!

Wild Berry Season

late July–August • food

Blueberries, cranberries, lingonberries, huckleberries, raspberries​, crowberries… This list is endless, so come to Alaska and pick some fresh berries yourself!

Salmon Fishing

May–August • activity

If you’ve never fished before, Alaska is a good place to start! Accept the challenge and try to catch some big salmon

Rainbow Trout Fishing

June–September • activity

Alaska is rich not only in salmon. Catch a trophy-sized trout in the rapid rivers!


Northern Lights

September–mid-April • nature

Because of its location, Alaska is one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern Lights

Winter Railroad Trip

October–mid-April • activity

Ever dreamt of the Polar Express? Try it in Alaska

Bore Tide

March | September • activity

A unique natural phenomenon that offers great opportunities to surfers and kayakers

Polar Bear Watching

August–October • nature

Alaska is one of the few regions in the world where it is possible to spot polar bears

Caribou Spring Migration

March–late June • nature

Caribou herds migrate across Alaska twice a year. And both times are equally impressive

Fur Rondy

February 22–March 03, 2019 • event

Run, Rudolph, run! The reindeer race seems to be the most interesting event of the Rondy Festival in Anchorage. Check all the events, and find the most fun one

Caribou Autumn Migration

late August–mid-October • nature

Caribou d​eer are an integral part of Alaskan wildlife. Every fall, these animals migrate across Kobuk River. Watch them in their natural habitat!

Bird Migration at Copper River Delta

early May • nature

This spectacular mass bird migration attracts people from all around the world. It’s something that can’t be missed!

Stampede Trail and Bus 142

August–September • activity

A challenge for even the toughest and most experienced hikers

Nalukataq, Whaling Festival in Barrow

June 2017 (TBA) • event

It is perhaps the most authentic Native American event in Alaska. People there still preserve their old traditions

Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

March 02, 2019 • event

Join an old Alaskan tradition—a long dog race across the state!


February–April • activity

You can try skiing in plenty of countries. But what about something really special, like heliskiing?

Dog Sledding

December–April • activity

Considered to be probably the most famous Alaskan activity, winter dog sledding is definitely worth trying!

Snow Geese Spring Migration

late February–March • nature

Millions of wild cries hover above the land as endless birds fly overhead—just to notify they're coming home

Methane Bubbles in the Lakes

October–November • nature

If you want to see the effects of global warming, visit Alaskan ‘boiling’ lakes

Denali Winterfest

February 20–25, 2018 • event

One the most beautiful places in Alaska turns into a winter fairy tale


May–June • nature

Check out thousands of rare bird species, some of which can be seen only in Alaska. Visit the Pribilof Islands and meet them all!

Lupine Fields in Bloom

June • nature

Wildflowers in Alaska bloom during a very short season. It may not be easy to find a perfect place in time, but you can try your luck!

Skiing and Snowboarding

February–April • activity

Alaskan ski resorts welcome visitors from all around the world! The wonderful nature, steep trails, and great service will make your holidays an unforgettable adventure

Alaskan Beer Week

January 2019 (TBA) • event

Beer is the favourite drink of Alaska. Try it for yourself!

Auke Bay Winter Sunset

November–March • nature

If you are looking for unforgettable views, visit Auke Bay. Its famous sunset will definitely inspire you

Wo​rld Ice Art Championships

Late February–March • event

Once a year Fairbanks turns into an ice city the Ice Queen would envy!

King Crab

October–January • food

Monstrous crabs with tender meat are abundant in a sea around Alaska. And local restaurants know the best how to cook them

Fourth of July in Anchorage

July 04 • event

Plunge into the exciting atmosphere of Independence Day celebrations with the Alaskans!

Arctic Ocean Ice Road

December–March • activity

In Alaska winter also means more mobility. An Ocean Ice Road in Prudhoe Bay is one of those unique highways which operate only during the cold season

Alaska State Fair

August 23–September 03 • event

See a giant cabbage and snack on Alaskan seafood at a major annual event

Big Game Hunting

August–October • activity

Hunting in Alaska is a challenging and sometimes even dangerous activity