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Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom in Alaska

Don't think that Alaska is only a land with snowy mountains and glaciers. It has beautiful and flamboyant flora too!

Best time: June–August

Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom
Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom
Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom
Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom
Fireweed and Shooting Stars Bloom

There is only one time in the year when Mendenhall Valley turns into a bright purple carpet. Summer is the best time to visit this place. You will see thousands of blooming flowers in one place, which is not very typical for Alaska. That's why pink fi​reweeds and violet shooting stars attract many people from year to year. Such blossoms are a rare thing in these lands, so don't miss an​ opportunity to enjoy it and take amazing pictures!​

Practical info

When is the optimal season for spotting the beautiful fireweeds and shooting stars at Mendenhall Valley?

Mendenhall Valley becomes a brilliant purple carpet of pink fireweeds and violet shooting stars during summer, which spans from June to August. This time of the year is the perfect season to visit to admire the beauty of the fireweeds and shooting stars scattered around the valley. Show more

Apart from fireweeds and shooting stars, which types of wildflowers blossom in Alaska during summer?

Along with fireweeds and shooting stars, there are many other wildflowers that blossom in Alaska during summer. These include lupines, chocolate lilies, mountain avens, and yellow columbines. Visitors can enjoy the relaxation of viewing these native flora in the beautiful surroundings of Alaska. Show more

Where is the highest number of fireweeds and shooting stars in Mendenhall Valley located?

To see the largest concentration of fireweeds and shooting stars in Mendenhall Valley, visitors should head to the fields near the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center. The center is set against the stunning glacier and provides a gorgeous background to view the striking beauty of the purple fireweeds and violet shooting stars. The surrounding hiking trails are also ideal for enjoying these beautiful flowers. Show more

What other outdoor activities can be experienced in Mendenhall Valley during summer?

Mendenhall Valley has a plethora of outdoor activities to experience in summer. Visitors can enjoy fishing at nearby rivers, kayaking and canoeing in Mendenhall Lake, exploring hiking trails or taking a guided glacier tour. Camping and wildlife watching are also popular in the serene forest of Tongass National Forest that surrounds Mendenhall Valley. Show more

Is it possible to take a guided tour of the native flora in Mendenhall Valley?

Several guided tours are available to explore the native flora in Mendenhall Valley. Guided nature walks or glacier hikes offer an enjoyable way to explore the unique flora of the region. Eco-tour companies have designed specific tours that highlight the beauty and unique qualities of the wildflowers and other native flora of Mendenhall Valley. Show more

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