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Poppy Fields

Enjoy rural England in early summer when the countryside turns red with flowering poppies


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Common poppy or Papaver rhoeas is one of the most beloved wildflowers in England. Poppies are also quite widespread and abundant everywhere: along highways, at farm fields, and in nature preserves. During the summer, many photographers try to capture its amazing bloom. Poppy flowers are famous for their fleeting bloom—the buds open in the morning and by the evening it can already crumble.

When do poppies bloom in England?

Wild poppies in England make their debut around mid-June, peaking later in the month through July, and sometimes later in the summer. The intermittent poppy blooming season may continue well into September or even October. Still, the timeframe between late June and early July is your best bet to capture picture-perfect red landscapes.

Where to find poppy fields in England?

West Midlands

West Midlands, particularly the Kidderminster area, has a few good poppy locations. Check out the small town Bewdley in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire. Blackstone Nature Reserve in Bewdley is one of the best locations to make a stunning picture of the red flower carpet. Minworth in Sutton Coldfield and Newport in Shropshire also boast lush poppy fields.

East Midlands

East Midlands is another excellent area to spot poppies. Merry's Meadows near Greetham (Rutland) is one of the most beautiful wildflower sites in England. Northampton also offers breathtaking poppy landscapes, relatively close to London (about 2 hours drive).

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is also famous for its beautiful poppy fields. You can find them at the Yorkshire Wolds along the coast and in many picturesque villages, typical for north-eastern England. For example, Middleton Tyas (Richmondshire district), north of Ripon, and Thornton Dale (Ryedale district). Additionally, check out the areas around Hambleton Hough in Selby.

Poppy fields near London

If you're looking for some poppy-clad swaths of land somewhere around the capital city, the closest spot will be Welwyn, Hertfordshire, just a little over one hour north of London. Those who don't mind a bit longer trips, could explore the sceneries of South East England. Some of the most picturesque sights could be discovered on M40 at Bucknell, Oxfordshire, or at Goring Rd & S Stoke Rd in South Oxfordshire, and also outside Brighton.

South West England

Also, South West England has a couple of pretty crimson spots for you to enjoy. Check out Hawkesbury in South Gloucestershire, Wimborne in Dorset, and West Pentire in Newquay, Cornwall, just to name a few. Generally, you can come across a vibrant field of poppies wherever you go at the height of the season.

Practical info

Why does The Queen wear 5 poppies?

In November, The Queen wears several red poppies to honor all armed forces that took part in the war: Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Civil Defense and women.

When do poppies bloom in England?

From mid-June to October, with flushes between late June and early July.

What do poppies symbolize?

A red poppy is the symbol of remembrance of the First World War.

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