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Poppy Bloom

Enjoy rural England in early summer when the countryside turns red with flowering poppies


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Common Poppy or Papaver Rhoeas is one of the most beloved wildflowers in England. Poppies are also quite widespread and abundant everywhere: along highways, at farm fields, and in nature preserves. During the summer, many photographers try to capture its amazing bloom. Poppy flowers are famous for their fleeting blooming—the bud opens in the morning and by the evening it can already crumble.

West Midlands, particularly Kidderminster area, has a few good poppy locations. Check out the small town Bewdley in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire. Blackstone Nature Reserve in Bewdley is one of the best locations to make a stunning picture of the "red sea" of poppies. Thanks to the changeable weather, the poppy season in England can be quite long—the whole summer, but July is usually the best month to spot them.

East Midlands could be one of the best areas to spot poppies. Merry's Meadows near Greetham (Rutland) is one of the most beautiful wildflower sites in England. North Yorkshire is also famous for its beautiful poppy fields. You can find them at the Yorkshire Wolds along the coast and in many picturesque villages, typical for north-eastern England. For example, Middleton Tyas (Richmondshire district), north of Ripon, and Thornton Dale (Ryedale district).