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Lavender in Japan

A season for purple fields of beauty

Best time: July–August


Summer invites you to explore the Furano flower fields. Special trains—the Furano Lavender Express and Furano/Biei Norokko operate in July. You can explore the Furano flower farms, each with its specialty colours and patterns. You can also head to the Tambara Lavender Park at Numata, Gunma to see incredible sights of lavender on the ski slopes from mid-July to mid-August.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Furano flower fields?

The peak season to visit the Furano flower fields is from late June to early August, coinciding with the lavender fields in full bloom during July, and sunflowers blooming early August. The optimal time of the peak season varies based on the weather conditions in the spring and summer season. Visitors can expect fewer rainy days from mid to end-July, making it an ideal time to visit. Show more

Where can I find the specialty lavender farms in Furano?

Furano accommodates several specialty lavender farms like Farm Tomita, Choei Lavender Farm, and Hinode Park, which are popular among tourists. Choei Lavender Farm offers a separate garden area with flowers like poppies and lupine that are perfect for photographs. Farm Tomita provides a multisensory experience of vibrant and colorful flowers, and Hinode Park offers a panorama of Mt Teshio and an exhibition of diverse lavender colors. Show more

What are the other flowers besides lavender in Furano?

Aside from lavender, Farm Tomita offers a bouquet of blooms such as luecospermum, salvia, argyranthemum princess, phacelia, lupin, poppies, and colorful cosmos. The Furano region features multiple flower farms exhibiting different species of flowers like pansies, daisies, and tulips. The sunflowers in early August are also an amazing sight to behold. Show more

When do the special Lavender Express and Norokko trains operate?

The Lavender Express is a limited express train that travels between Sapporo and Furano. It operates during mid-June to mid-September. The Furano/Biei Norokko train traverses the scenic path between Biei and Furano. This route provides unique and breathtaking views of Hokkaido's countryside. This picturesque journey is only available during July and September, lasting for about an hour and a half. Show more

How tall can the lavender grow in Tambara Lavender Park?

Tambara Lavender Park's lavender plant varieties are usually 90cm tall. Still, some of the locally grown species can stretch up to 1.5 meters tall. Tambara Lavender Park presents an extraordinary location, situated on ski slopes, which makes for breathtaking views of the lavender fields atop the mountain with an overview of the volcanoes of Mount Asama. The visitors can participate in numerous activities like smelling and pressing the lavender petals, yoga, classic car ride, and wandering through the blue-ish purple fields. Show more

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