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Crocuses in London

Exploring London's parks, one might find a "Crocus Carpet" or even an entire meadow of crocuses

Best time: late-February–March


White and purple beds of delicate Crocuses are found at a number of London's parks. Kew Gardens are famous for their "Crocus Carpet," whereas Cannizaro Park boasts a precious Crocus Meadow. The flowers are in their full glory from late February through March. Kew Gardens are open from 10 am to 5 pm, while Cannizaro Park in Wimbledon is open from 8 am to 7 pm.

The largest park in central London, Hyde Park has plenty of crocus fields which make it a perfect destination for early spring walks. St. James Park in Westminster also has a variety of early spring flowers that decorate beautifully the oldest royal park. It's a perfect place for a peaceful afternoon stroll among hundreds of colorful blooms in central London!

Crocuses are also abundant in Battersea Park, occupying 83 ha (200 acres) of marshland in Battersea, Wandsworth Borough. The park that lies on the south bank of the River Thames has perfect conditions for crocuses to strive. Visitors can also observe crocuses of various colors in most residential areas of London. The passion of British people for gardening is well known, and crocuses are one of the favorite early bloomers that create the festive spring-like atmosphere.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit London to see crocuses?

Late February to March is the ideal time to view the full splendor of crocuses in London, with many parks displaying their beautiful crocus fields. Visitors are advised to check the opening times of the parks before visiting, as they vary depending on the location. Show more

Where can I find crocuses in London?

Various parks in London, such as Cannizaro Park and Kew Gardens, display crocuses. Visitors may take a peaceful stroll among the colorful blooms in central London's Hyde Park and St. James Park. Many residential areas in London have crocus gardens, and Battersea Park provides a stunning spectacle of multicolored crocuses. Show more

What kind of flowers are crocuses?

Crocuses are delicate, cup-shaped, early blooming flowers that come in purple, white, yellow, and striped colors. Gardeners frequently plant crocuses, and they are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in London during the spring season. Show more

When does Kew Gardens open during the crocus season?

From late February to March, Kew Gardens is open between 10 am and 5 pm to see the Crocus Carpet in its full splendor. Visitors must confirm the opening times on the Kew Gardens website before organizing their visit to ensure it is open. Show more

Are there any other early spring flowers besides crocuses in London parks?

In London parks, visitors can find a range of early spring flowers such as tulips, magnolias, bluebells, cherry blossoms, and of course, the crocuses. When spring arrives in London, the parks and gardens are filled with vibrant hues, providing visitors with a spectacular view of the city. Walking trails and guided tours are available in many parks, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the beauty of London's flowers and fauna. Show more

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