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Lavender Blooming

Fields of flowering lavender decorate the landscapes of England with enchanting shades from smoky-lilac to blue-purple


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Lavender ornates English countryside during the summer season. The top location for taking in the purple beauty is the Cotswold area, which may be fairly called a completely different part of England. It's known for cozy small towns that experienced the peak of their development during the Renaissance, and also for the typical English "sleepy" villages. In lavender season, this is a real English "Provence." Early to mid-July (sometimes already mid-June) is the start of the lavender season here, which continues until early August.

Here, there are plenty of lavender farms where this plant grows in abundance. Hill Barn Farm near Snowshill is the most well-known location. Lavender is used for the production of lavender oil. You can buy a wide range of varieties of lavender, dried lavender, as well as aromatherapy products and souvenirs from the farm. Also, try some lavender tea with a lavender bun while you are there.

Apart from celebrated Cotswold, England has other stunning spots to marvel at lavender fields. If you are looking for some places close to London, check out Mayfield Lavender Farm nestled in Surrey or Kentish Lavender in Kent. Other relatively close locations include Hartley Park Farm (Hampshire) and Lordington Farm (West Sussex) south-west of the capital, and also Hitchin (Hertfordshire) north of London.

If you don't mind to explore further, consider going to Somerset Lavender Farm in south-west England near Bath. Norfolk on the east coast also boasts lavender fields. At last, Yorkshire is a winning destination in the north of the country.