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Cosmos Blooming

During spring and autumn, beautiful cosmos flowers are in full bloom, providing a remarkable backdrop for photography

Cosmos Blooming in Seoul - Best Time
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Experience the beauty of nature when you are in South Korea during spring or autumn. Many parks display seas of cosmos flowers in purple, pink, and white varieties, all of which are in full bloom. Parks like Ichon Hangang Park, located in the Yongsan-gu district in Seoul and Hangang River Park have cosmos lovely flowers lining the riverside.

Cosmos Blooming in Seoul - Best Season

You may also opt to go to Seoul's neighboring towns like Guri-si in the Gyeonggi-do province to see huge fields of cosmos by the northern bank of Han River. If you want a far less crowded park on weekends and holidays near Seoul, head over to Guri Hangang Park just outside of eastern Seoul. They even have a festival dedicated to the cosmos flowers every year in autumn. It will be well worth the trip!

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