Best season to travel to Seoul

Jjukkumi in Seoul 2025

Top season occurs during the spring when the jjukkumi ("baby" octopus) is at its best and most tasty

Best time: March–May


​Among the most popular seasonal foods in Korea during spring is jjukkumi. They are best caught in spring when their heads are filled with eggs. These species are smaller than the common octopi but are more tender in texture. Jjukkumi Alley in Seoul is the spot to find them. The whole street is lined with restaurants serving this delicacy. These mini octopi are commonly marinated in red chili sauce and then stir-fried, but there are also variations like seasoned, shabushabu, grilled, and raw. You can visit nearby locales from Seoul to take part in the festivals. Visit Seo-myeon in Seocheon-gun for the Seocheon Camellia Octopus Festival; and the Mucheonpo Port area in Ungcheon-eup, Boryeong-si for the Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Jjukkumi and Dodari Festival.

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