Best season to travel to Shanghai

Hairy Crab Season

Hairy crab and pepper duck are the most awaited autumn foods in Shanghai

Hairy Crab Season in Shanghai 2020 - Best Time

This time is one of the most important gastronomic periods in the whole Asia, particularly in Shanghai. The most valued crab species come from Yangcheng Lake, Jiangsu Province, and the most appreciated ones (called 'dazha xie') are those weighing 150gr or more.

One of the most popular traditional recipes is steamed crab with perilla leaves. However, local restaurants have hundreds of their own specialities, so you won't get bored easily. Usually, crab dishes are best paired with champagne or with local white wines such as Shaoxing, Huadiao, and Nu'er hong.

Hairy Crab Season in Shanghai - Best Season 2020