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Peach Blossom in Shanghai

What can be better than enjoying the peach trees blossom while getting to know more about the Chinese culture?

Best time: late March–mid-April

Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom
Peach Blossom

The first Peach Blossom Festival took place in Shanghai in 1991. Since then this festival has become a brand mark of the city. Every year in March you can see thousands of peach trees starting to bloom. This is when the city is flooded with the sweet smell of this marvelous tree.

Also, this is the period when people flock to local parks to see the beauty of peach trees blooming. One of the typical districts of Shanghai where you can find a lot of peach trees is Pudong. The most popular Pudong parks are Shanghai Nanhui Datuan Peach Blossom Park, Century Park, Nanhui Peach Blossom Village.

During the festival, the noisy city of Shanghai seems to calm down a bit as people enjoy this time of recreation.

Practical info

When should visitors plan their trip to Shanghai to experience the Peach Blossom Festival?

Late March to mid-April is the optimal time to experience the Peach Blossom Festival in Shanghai. This is when thousands of peach trees start to bloom, and the fragrant aroma fills the city. This exciting period gives visitors a chance to see the beautiful and colorful scenery while enjoying the city's peaceful atmosphere. Show more

Which parks or areas are ideal for viewing peach blossoms during the festival?

Peach Blossom Festival in Shanghai allows residents and visitors to feast their eyes on peach trees blooming all over the city, yet Pudong district of Shanghai is the most popular. Some of the prominent Pudong parks are Shanghai Nanhui Datuan Peach Blossom Park, Century Park, and Nanhui Peach Blossom Village. Moreover, many other places in the city offer equally magnificent views of peach blossoms. Show more

What other activities, besides viewing peach blossoms, await visitors during Shanghai's Peach Blossom Festival?

In addition to the stunning beauty of the peach blossoms during Shanghai's Peach Blossom Festival, there is a variety of other activities and events. Traditional Chinese cultural performances featuring dancing, music, acrobatics, and other art forms by local folk artists, complement the atmosphere. Visitors can also take part in kite flying, buy souvenirs, indulge in delectable traditional Chinese cuisine, and enjoy the rich customs and traditions. Show more

What aspects of Chinese culture does the Peach Blossom Festival highlight?

Shanghai's Peach Blossom Festival acts as a stage to showcase several Chinese traditions and culture. Alongside the traditional performances like music, dance, and acrobatics, visitors can also experience Chinese cuisine, customs, and beliefs. These customs highlight the harmonious relationship that exists between humans and nature, and it encourages people to care for the environment while celebrating their culture. Show more

What are the unique customs associated with Shanghai's Peach Blossom Festival?

Visiting locals' homes to admire the peach blossom trees and having picnics underneath the blooming trees are two of the unique customs of Shanghai's Peach Blossom Festival. Additionally, exchanging gifts with each other is customary and reflects how the festival brings people together to celebrate their culture while enjoying the stunning peach blossoms. Show more

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