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Formula 1 2020

The Chinese Formula One Grand Prix offers spectacular races with incredible amount of adrenaline!

Formula 1
Formula 1
Formula 1

The Shanghai International Circuit is one of the most technological and most challenging motor tracks in the world. It is 5.45 km long, has sharp turns, and long fast straights. The circuit costs $459 millions and is considered to be one of the most expensive ones. The spectator capacity is 200,000 people. The circuit has been hosting the Grand Prix since 2004. You will be able to see the practice, qualification and the race itself.

The Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most exciting and thrilling events you may have ever seen. Crazy speed, burnt tires' smell, and high adrenaline pumping your blood, - all of that you will experience during the race. As the event is extremely popular the tickets are sold out fast. So if you want to get good ones, book them in advance.

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