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Cherry Blossom in Philippines

Enjoy the Philippines' alternative of cherry trees

Best time: early March—late April

Cherry Blossom

Sakura season is just around the corner, but you don’t necessarily have to go to Japan to enjoy the spring-spirit show performed by nature. The Philippines offers some of the finest flower-blooming destinations with their own version of cherry blossoms.

The thing is, Filipino residents have always wanted to witness gorgeous sakuras but didn’t want to go to Japan for it. That’s why they decided to plant their own cherry trees and enjoy the bloom at home. The trees are generally medium-sized, with white or light-pink flower clusters, resembling Japanese sakuras. If you want to see them for yourself, take a look at the best destinations in the country.

Puerto Princesa

Palawan province is famous for its balayong trees, which look just like Japanese sakuras. Although the balayongs can be grown in urban conditions, they originated in Palawan province. The best city in the region to witness the gorgeous cherry blossom is Puerto Princesa. It boasts a breathtaking balayong tree park—the perfect spot to enjoy the bloom. Puerto Princesa also hosts a huge balayong festival, which kicks off the last week of February and lasts until March. Besides the massive tree-planting, the festival involves street dancing, a floral parade, and other awesome activities.


Tabebuia trees are the Palawan balayongs. Tabebuias are a bit bigger than sakuras, but their flowers are just as beautiful, giving visitors the same vibe. The trees can be found along the National Highway in Sitio Pulatana, Malungon, Sarangani province. There is also a suitable area in Barangay Malalag Cogon, along the Digos-Makar road.


The Cavite province also offers excellent sites for relishing cherry blossoms. For example, there is a botanic garden on the territory of La Salle University Medical Center. The trees look like magnificent magnolias and are a mix of the balayongs and tabebuias. The garden is normally for students and professors to enjoy, but tourists are also welcome to witness the beauty of pink blossoms both on branches and beneath their feet.


Of course, you can always find real cherry blossoms in the Philippines. Around thirty cherry trees were planted in Sakura Park, Atok, back in 2015. Today, the place symbolizes spring, renewal, and friendship between Benguet province and Japan, which donated the trees. Before visiting the park, check out their official website for any possible updates.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit the Philippines to see cherry blossoms?

The cherry blossom season in the Philippines is from early March to late April, lasting six weeks in regions like Palawan and Cavite. However, in Atok province, where actual Japanese cherry blossoms grow, the season is from late January to early March. These periods may vary depending on weather conditions. Show more

Where can I find cherry blossom trees in Puerto Princesa?

St. Rosa Park, also known as Balayong Park, located near the provincial capitol of Puerto Princesa, is a famous cherry blossom spot in the Philippines. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of blooming balayong trees during the festival season, which includes cultural activities, street dancing, food, and drinks. Show more

What is the difference between Palawan balayongs and Japanese sakuras?

Palawan balayongs are smaller than Japanese sakuras and have light-pink or white clusters of flowers, whereas sakuras have pinkish flowers. Balayongs can grow in urban environments, while sakuras require specific environmental conditions and a cold climate. Balayongs hold deep cultural significance in the Philippines and represent purity and hope. Show more

Where can I find tabebuia trees in the Philippines besides Malungon?

Sarangani province is the primary location of tabebuia trees in the Philippines, although they can also be spotted along the National Highway in regions such as Digos, Makar, Calumpang, and the Gensan-Davao Road in General Santos City. These trees are popular among garden enthusiasts and landscapers throughout the country due to their beauty throughout the year. Show more

How many cherry trees were donated from Japan to Atok's Sakura Park?

Atok's Sakura Park received approximately thirty cherry trees as a donation from Japan in 2015. The park features not only the cherry trees but also a horse statue, Japanese torii gate, and a small shrine to symbolize the strong friendship between the two countries. The donation helped to strengthen the bond between Japan and Atok province and has increased tourism to the region. Show more

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