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Cherry Blossom in Illinois

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Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms in Illinois are a lovely sign of early spring and warmer days. As a rule of thumb, sakura blooms happen in this state during the first two weeks of April. However, the peak season may sometimes be a bit later—in late April-early May. This natural display is incredibly tender: the flowers bloom only for a week or two, making cherry blossoms so desired to be seen. Check out this article to find out the best spots to see this spectacle.

Cherry blossom in Urbana

To get the best out of the cherry blossom season in Illinois, we recommend you take a stroll down Cherry Tree Allée at the University of Illinois Arboretum, Urbana. The trees are an extension of the gardens at Japan House at the University of Illinois. Check out the Japan House’s annual “sakura watch” posts on their website and social media to get to this spot right for the peak blooming season. And yes, the setting in Cherry Tree Allée is literally jaw-dropping.

Cherry blossom in Jackson Park, Chicago

Located just south of the Museum of Science and Industry, Jackson Park is Chicago’s most popular place for enjoying cherry blossoms. Over 160 cherry trees bloom brightly every spring. The color of the flowers varies from white to deep pink, creating a breathtaking view everyone falls in love with. To get more information about cherry blossoms in Chicago, click here. We’ve prepared a helpful article for you.

Practical info

When do cherry blossoms typically bloom in Illinois?

The cherry blossoms in Illinois usually bloom within the first two weeks of April, although this can vary based on weather and other factors. The peak season when the most significant number of cherry blossoms bloom is late April/early May. You can check local resources like Japan House's 'sakura watch' to find the peak blooming dates and locations throughout Illinois. Show more

What is the Cherry Tree Allée in Urbana?

The Cherry Tree Allée is a collection of cherry trees located in the University of Illinois Arboretum in Urbana. They are part of the gardens at Japan House, the Arboretum's sister organization. The peak blooming period occurs in late April/early May, so following Japan House's annual 'sakura watch' updates on social media or their website is essential to catch this amazing natural display. Show more

What is the typical blooming period for cherry blossoms in Illinois?

The blooming period for cherry blossoms in Illinois lasts for about one to two weeks. These delicate flowers don't last long, so it's crucial to stay updated on the peak blooming dates and locations, especially since the window of opportunity is so narrow. Therefore, using local resources like Japan House's 'sakura watch' is highly recommended. Show more

What are the blossom colors like for the cherry trees in Jackson Park, Chicago?

The cherry trees in Jackson Park, Chicago, bloom in various colors, ranging from white to deep pink. More than 160 cherry trees bloom every spring, providing a stunning and vibrant display. Visitors are spellbound by the overall beauty of these blooms and often return to view them year after year. Show more

Where can you find cherry blossoms in Chicago besides Jackson Park?

Aside from Jackson Park, there are other locations in Chicago with cherry blossoms, such as the Lincoln Park Zoo or the Chicago Botanic Garden. These locations offer a chance to view and photograph the cherry blossoms while enjoying the scenery. If you're planning to visit Chicago, make sure to check out our article on cherry blossom viewing to find more information on the best spots to visit during your trip. Show more

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