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Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze in Illinois

Come out and get lost in the world's largest corn labyrinth

Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze
Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze
Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze
Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze
Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze

Welcome to the Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois, the place of unforgettable adventures and fun! This is where you can set up your 'basecamp' and fling yourself into the things you love doing or watching: wagon rides, slides, a carousel, jumping pillows, pedal carts, an observation tower, and pig races. Here, you can also find a play area, with slides, the corn bin cabin, and pedal trikes for the little ones. Still, the main attraction here is the world's largest corn labyrinth, where it feels so good to get lost.

The legendary Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze is created out of four smaller mazes—each with its own dedicated in and out route. The labyrinth has multiple checkpoints throughout the paths and three bridges that help find your bearings while looking through the map. Finding those checkpoints is the way to solve the maze, but if you have had enough or need to get a drink or snack for extra stamina and strength, you can find the way out just in a second.

Apart from all the activities, Richardson Adventure Farm is one of few places in the United States that has ORBiting, a giant ball, in which you can roll and bounce down the slope. So be ready to spend the whole day there, enjoying all the activities and the fantastic food around.

Practical info

When is the best time of the year to visit Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze?

The corn maze of Richardson Adventure Farm is open to the public only on weekends during September to November. During this period, visitors can enjoy the relatively mild weather while engaging in different fun activities of the farm. The farm is perfect for a day-long adventure with your family and friends. Show more

Where is Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze located?

Located in McHenry County, Illinois, Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze is just 60 miles northwest of Chicago. The visitor-friendly farm area provides various outdoor activities, including wagon rides, pig races, pedal carts, and jumping pillows, to name a few. The farm's location is serene, with ample space and clean air, making it an ideal destination to escape the city's bustle and plunge into adventure. Show more

What are the different activities that we can experience at Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze?

At Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze, visitors can enjoy a plethora of outdoor adventures to satisfy their adrenaline rush. Wagons rides, pig races, zip lines, jumping pillows, and observation towers are just a few attractions in this 700-acre farm. The thrill-seeker kids can play on the little pedal trikes or relax in corn-bin cabins. However, the most exciting activity is the giant corn maze, which is a unique maze experience that you won't find elsewhere. Show more

How big is the corn maze?

Richardson Adventure Farm boasts of the world's largest corn maze, a 28-acre attraction that features four small mazes and three captivating bridges. With the paths wide apart, visitors perceive a captivating view of the intricate patterns created by the cornstalks as they trail through the maze. The farm's management ensures that you have a challenge in your venture but still fun for the whole family. Show more

Can we bring our own food to Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze for the picnic?

While enjoying a day full of fun, excitement, and adventure at Richardson Adventure Farm Corn Maze, visitors can have their picnics under the serene countryside environment. You can bring your food and drinks, or alternatively purchase snacks and delicious treats from the farm vendors. However, the farm prohibits any alcohol, smoking, or pets within its premises. Show more

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