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Lake Sørvágsvatn in Faroe Islands

The optical illusion makes it look like the lake is just hanging above the ocean. What could be a better setting for the largest lake of the Faroe Islands?

Best time: April–September

Lake Sørvágsvatn
Lake Sørvágsvatn

If you look at the lake from a distance, it seems to be tilting towards the ocean. In reality, it flows into the ocean only through a tiny waterfall. The optical illusion creates an impression that the lake is over a hundred meters above the ocean, however, it's only 30 meters "up in the sky". The lake waters fill a territorial depression stretching for six kilometres over the southern side of Vágar Island, surrounded by beautiful cliffs.

There is also some peculiarity with the name of the lake. Residents of Sørvágsvatn village name it after their home with a sense of pride, while people from other nearby locations would rather call it Leitisvatn. No matter how you name the lake, the natural illusion is still there.

As it might get rather windy and rainy over the winter months, we suggest the period between late spring and early autumn as the best time to visit Lake Sørvágsvatn and take those stunning pictures with your camera.

Practical info

How can travelers reach Lake Sørvágsvatn in Faroe Islands?

Lake Sørvágsvatn can be reached by flying into the Vágar Island Airport, which is located only 2 km away. Once there, visitors can rent a car or take a bus to Miðvágur village, which is close to the lake. Locating public transportation may be tricky, so it's best to arrange transportation beforehand or join a guided tour. Show more

When is the perfect time to witness the optical illusion at Lake Sørvágsvatn?

The best time to visit Lake Sørvágsvatn is between April and September, when Faroe Islands enjoy milder weather conditions. Ferries from Denmark to the Faroe Islands are available. May, June, and July have more extended daylight hours, making it ideal for photography. Visitors can also encounter the midnight sun phenomenon in Faroe Islands during the summer months. Show more

What is the safest depth for swimming at Lake Sørvágsvatn?

Although Lake Sørvágsvatn appears deeper, it has a safe depth of about 5m. Trælanípa cliff, located in the northeast corner of the lake, grants a stunning view of the optical illusion when hiked. Swimming in Faroe Island's lakes or pools is generally cold throughout the year, so visitors need to pack accordingly. For safety purposes, travelers should research and seek advice from locals or guided tours. Show more

What type of accommodations are available near Lake Sørvágsvatn?

Visitors can find an array of accommodations near Lake Sørvágsvatn ranging from hostels to hotels. For example, the Lakehouse is ten minutes away on foot. Additionally, Miðvágur village, 3 km away, offers guesthouses and apartments. Visitors can also choose to stay in other towns like Tórshavn and join a guided tour to visit Lake Sørvágsvatn. Show more

What is the duration of the hike that leads to Lake Sørvágsvatn, and where is it located?

Trælanípa, the most well-known hiking trail overlooking Lake Sørvágsvatn's optical illusion, can be reached by taking a car and walking for 1-2 hours. Walkers should be physically fit and bring the appropriate gear for the challenging hike. Once visitors reach Trælanípa, it takes around 30 minutes to walk to the lake and observe its features up close. The starting point of the hike is conveniently located at an easy-to-find car park. Show more

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