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Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck

The wreck lies solitary on vast, cold black sand beach, waiting for occasional visitors


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The carcas with missing tail and wings dotted with holes, and covered with wind-blown sand represent a kind of post-apocalyptic scene and attract curious travellers and photographers.

The accident happened in November of 1973. The United States Navy DC plane made an emergency landing at Sólheimasandur Beach in the south of Iceland. The crew miraculously survived, but the twisted fuselage was doomed to be abandoned. The accident itself is a mystery to some extent. At first, it was reported that the plane ran out of fuel, later it was announced that it was the pilot who twisted to the wrong fuel tank.

The wreck is located close to the southernmost village of Vik, on the way to Skógafoss waterfall. Some time ago one could get there by car, but local landowners banned the access. Therefore, you have to leave your vehicle at the parking lot and walk across a seemingly endless black sand desert for 4 km, but the hike makes it an even more exciting adventure.

Since winter in Iceland can be rather cold, plan your trip for the warmer time of the year.

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