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May–September • activity

There's no better way to experience the size and the magnificence of Greenland

Cottongrass Blooming

June–September • nature

The surprisingly​ green landscape of Greenland becomes dotted with white fluffy flowers in summer

Hot Springs

June–mid-September • activity

Greenland has plenty of hot springs but only one of them is used as an outdoor spa


June–September • activity

While hiking the monumental landscapes​ of Greenland you can truly experience the smallness and temporality of being human

Midnight Sun

May–September • nature

One amazing phenomenon of nature only available in the far north or south

Whale Watching

May–August • activity

Check out several magnificent species of whales though you may feel smaller than ever


June–September • activity

Observing glaciers under the midnight sun or the northern light is an unforgettable experience

Flower Valleys Blooming

June–August • nature

A walk along the valley of flowers is a wonderful way to discover the surprising variety of flora in Greenland


June–August • activity

Kayak is not only a fun water activity. For the locals, ​it's also an ancient transportation and hunting tool

Greenland Ice Sheet

May–October • activity

The best Arctic adventure ever—just you and untouched millennial glaciers, glacial lakes and ice rivers


April | August–September • activity

If you have some experience and courage you can try either open water iceberg diving or diving under icebergs trapped in the pack ice

River Fishing

July–September • activity

When fish migrate up the rivers, Greenland begins a short and intense season for fishing


Northern Lights

not in rangeSeptember–April • nature

One of nature's most beautiful natural phenomena

Dog Sledding

not in rangeJanuary–April • activity

A classic way to explore the majestic Greenland nature in winter


not in rangeOctober–February • activity

A fast and fun way to explore the snowy expanses of Greenland

Polar Circle Marathon

not in rangeOctober 28–29, 2017 • event

All marathons are quite demanding and exhausting but this one is especially tough

Wild Berry Season

not in rangeSeptember–October • food

Wildberries are an important part of Greenlanders' diets


not in rangeFebruary–May • activity

Hiking is possible even in winter. The only thing you need is showshoes

Arctic Circle Race

not in rangeMarch 20–27, 2018 • event

One of the toughest cross-country races in the world

Ice Climbing and Mountaineering

not in rangeDecember–May • activity

There's nothing like observing the world's biggest island from a high rocky and snowy mountain after a challenging climb

Frost 'Flowers'

not in rangeNovember–February • nature

The most unusual "flowers" that "bloom" only in winter

Ski Tours and Heliskiing

not in rangeFebruary–May • activity

Off-road skiing might be tough but the experience of riding in peaceful, virgin snow is definitely worth the effort


not in rangeDecember–March • food

Hundreds of raw auks are wrapped into a sealskin, then sewn up and fermented under a heap of stone—that's the recipe of Greenland's typical winter delicacy

Christmas Celebrations

not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 • event

One of the most important holidays in the country is celebrated with some peculiar traditions

Arctic Poppy and Purple Saxifrage

not in rangeJuly • nature

The hardiest flowers in the world bloom in the freezing cold


not in rangeDecember 24–December 25 • food

This might sound cruel and weird but whale is a common delicacy in Greenland