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Ice Climbing and Mountaineering

There's nothing like observing the world's biggest island from a high rocky and snowy mountain after a challenging climb


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Greenland is home to one of the world's largest mountain ranges. The eastern part is the most mountainous area of the island with some peaks seemingly rising straight out of the ocean. This is also where you'll find some of the world's steepest and highest walls. In winter they are usually covered in snow and ice which makes the climb even more extreme. However, if you're not into vertical climbs you'll still be able to find something among Greenland's numerous mountaineering routes. Check out Uummannaq Bay and Upernavik with Greenland's most photographed mountain—the Heart Mountain, Schweizer Land near Tasiilaq, Tasermiut Fjord near Cape Farewell, the Watkins Range with some of the highest mountains of the island, and the Stauning Alps in the North Greenland National Park. And, of course, that's not nearly all, so time to get ready for an adventure!

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