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Ice Climbing in Sweden 2024-2025

Northern of Sweden has all that it takes to have a fantastic ice climbing experience!

Best time: November–April

Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing

In and around Kiruna in the far North of Sweden, you will find frozen waterfalls that you could easily climb with the appropriate gear. Some of them, closer to the Norwegian border, are icy as soon as November. There are also several camps and ice climbing festivals that you could attend if you are an enthusiast. One of the most important is the Abisko Ice Climbing Festival which is suitable for every level of climber and is usually scheduled for February.

Practical info

When is the best time to climb frozen waterfalls in Kiruna?

The recommended time to climb frozen waterfalls in Kiruna is between November and April due to icy conditions. It is important to have appropriate gear for the extreme weather with winter temperatures reaching a low of -20°C.. Show more

Where in Sweden can I find ice climbing festivals?

The Abisko Ice Climbing Festival is an essential festival in Sweden held in February. Other festivals held across the country include the Riksgränsen Ice Festival and Norrland Bouldering Festival in Boden. Ice climbing enthusiasts have a chance to engage in group activities and competitions to meet with other enthusiasts. Show more

What gear is necessary for ice climbing in Sweden?

Ice climbing essential gear and equipment in Sweden includes things like crampons, ice axes, ropes, helmets, a harness, waterproof gloves, warm layered clothing, and insulated boots made of wool or fleece. For those joining guided tours, you can rent gear but ensure all gear used is in excellent condition and tested before climbing. Show more

What is the level of difficulty for ice climbing in Kiruna?

Climbers have a variety of ice climbing experiences in Kiruna, from beginner-friendly to more advanced climbs. The difficulty level varies with some routes having frozen curtains, shorter vertical columns while more experienced climbers can take challenging vertical and overhanging walls. The icefalls can tower over 100 meters in height so before climbing, ensure you have chosen a suitable climb based on your experience levels. Show more

Are there any guided tours for ice climbing in Sweden?

Yes, you can find several guides in Sweden for ice climbing tours. Tours can be found in Kiruna and across the country to suite varying levels of experience and expertise. Equipment rental and instruction are included in some guided tours, while others require experience and equipment. Choose your tour wisely to ensure it suits your group's or your skill levels. Show more

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