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Mountain​ Climbing in Bolivia

Climbing the highest Bolivian peaks is an important lifetime achievement for any mountaineer or adventure enthusiast

Best time: July–August

Mountain​ Climbing
Mountain​ Climbing
Mountain​ Climbing
Mountain​ Climbing
Mountain​ Climbing

This country boasts one of the highest airports in the world and is called the Tibet of the New World and offers wonderful mountain climbing opportunities. Experienced climbers may be best suited for these peaks. However, beginners may also try to conquer Bolivian Highlands. The famed Bolivian mountain range named the Cordillera Real lies southeast of Lake Titicaca and La Paz and is 125 km long and 20 km wide. Six peaks exceed a height of 6,000 m. Owing to such serious measurements these mountains are often re​garded as an excellent training ground for those who plan to ascend Himalayan Summits. The slopes are quite challenging, and if you are determined to climb the Bolivian Andes, appropriate equipment like crampons, ropes, and ice axes is necessary. Mountain climbing season lasts from June to August.

Practical info

When is the best time to climb the Bolivian Andes?

It is best to climb the Bolivian Andes from June to August when the routes are safer and the weather clear and dry. However, sudden storms should still be considered. Early September is an option, but heavy snowfall and frequent storms make it risky. Show more

Where is Cordillera Real located in Bolivia?

Cordillera Real, one of the most impressive Andean mountain ranges for climbers, is situated in Bolivia to the southeast of Lake Titicaca and La Paz. It extends 125 km long by 20 km wide with six peaks over 6,000 m high in total. Its magnificent scenery and challenging slopes make it popular among climbers. Show more

What equipment is necessary for mountain climbing in Bolivia?

To ensure climbers' safety, they need to carry equipment like crampons, ropes, and ice axes. Since harsh weather conditions challenge physical fitness, adequate clothing and boots must be worn. They should consult an experienced mountaineer or guide on what suitable equipment to carry. Show more

How challenging are the slopes of Bolivian Andes?

Mountain climbing calls for a high level of physical fitness and proficiency, mainly considering the severe weather at high altitudes that make breathing problematic. Additionally, some steep slopes necessitate sufficient dexterity, appropriate equipment, and experience to navigate. Nonetheless, the awe-inspiring panoramic views compensate for the challenging ascent. Show more

Can beginners try to conquer the Bolivian Highlands peaks?

Beginners are allowed to try climbing Bolivian Highlands peaks provided they are in good physical condition and trained suitably. An experienced guide should accompany them, providing guidance en route to avoid risks. Training on smaller or less challenging peaks may be helpful before targeting higher ones. Show more

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