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Best time: March–May | September–November


This area is famous for its variety of climbing routes, suitable for both experienced climbers and beginners. The rocks are located close to the seashore—it feels like you are hanging right over the water sometimes. Most climbing spots here are truly spectacular and easily accessible at the same time.

The closest to Monaco and most popular climbing spot is La Turbie. You can get a spectacular view of the city of Monte-Carlo when you climb La Turbie with its Grande Face—probably the most interesting section of the cliff. It has around 40 routes for climbers with various levels of complexity.

Other climbers' destinations in the vicinity of Monaco include Gorbio, Peillon, and La Trinite. Altogether, there are hundreds of routes, ranging from simple to complicated. Some popular climbing locations like Baou de Saint-Jeanet and Gorge du Loup are set a bit further from Monaco but are also worthy of checking if you're a keen climber.

Climbing is possible all year when the weather is favourable. The best season, for La Turbie in particular, is spring and autumn for the best conditions.

Practical info

What are some other climbing spots to try if La Turbie is occupied?

Monaco has many other climbing spots worth trying if La Turbie is occupied. Gorbio, Peillon, and La Trinite are popular climbing locations near Monaco. Baou de Saint-Jeanet and Gorge du Loup also offer great routes though they are set further from Monaco. There are hundreds of both complex and simple routes to fit the preference and skill levels of all climbers. Show more

What is the count of routes available for climbers near La Turbie?

La Turbie, closest and most commonly visited climbing spot near Monaco, provides approximately 40 routes for climbers. From the Grande Face section of the cliff, climbers view Monte-Carlo city beautifully. The complexity of the routes varies, which makes it easy for both beginners and professional climbers to enjoy the experience. Show more

What class of difficulty do the Gorbio and Peillon routes offer?

Both Gorbio and Peillon, popular climbing sites near Monaco, present routes that go from simple to quite challenging. Boasting an outstanding view of the blue sea horizon, Gorbio has about 180 routes. The surrounding villages and about 100 different routes make Peillon also worth checking out. Show more

During what period is climbing preferable at Baou de Saint-Jeanet and Gorge du Loup?

Baou de Saint-Jeanet and Gorge du Loup are great options among the many climbing spots near Monaco, though they are located a bit further. Climbers can climb at any time of the year, but spring and autumn provide the most favorable climbing conditions. The warmth of summer can be too much for an optimal climb, while winter's rain and cold make it harder to climb. Show more

What path should one follow to access the Grande Face at La Turbie?

For climbers heading to the Grande Face at La Turbie, the climb up is worth it. Start by parking the car at the lot beneath Turbie village. Afterward, follow the trail that gradually climbs up the mountainside. A hike of about 15 minutes takes you up, and this approach is non-demanding and suitable for all climber classes. Show more

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