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Devils Tower Climbing in Wyoming

Climbing up the column cracks of the Tower is exciting and challenging at the same time

Devils Tower Climbing
Devils Tower Climbing
Devils Tower Climbing
Devils Tower Climbing
Devils Tower Climbing

One of the greatest rock climbing spots in North America can be found in Wyoming. Devils Tower attracts lots of climbers with its unique and challenging parallel rock columns. These cracks have various length and width. The longest one is almost 400 ft (122 m) high. You will need special equipment to climb to the top, like two ropes and double racks. About 85% of climbers choose the Durrance Route, which is considered the easiest way to the summit.

There is no special rescue team around the Devils Rock region and climbing rangers work in the area from late spring until early fall. You need to check-in the day you want to climb and check out when you finish your climbing. The accidents mainly happen on the way back. Before rappelling, inspect all the anchors and start from the nose of the columns. Helmets are strongly recommended, because of the falling rocks.

Before starting a climb you should check the weather conditions as they can change very quickly. Summer time brings hot weather and a big chance of rainstorms.

The west side of the Tower is closed from mid-March until late July, due to the Falcon nesting. June is the voluntary climbing closure month. This is the month when American Indians have many cultural ceremonies. And this spot has been a sacred place long before the climbers came to the area. Due to this fact, park service supports the closure and promotes respect for the culture of American Indians. Considering closures, the best time to climb the Devils Tower is from August to mid-March.

Though the best weather in the area is usually from May until October, May and June offer the best conditions—days get longer and the temperatures are moderate. July and August can be too hot, especially on the most popular Durrance Route, which is located on the south side of the Tower. Early autumn can also provide cooler and more pleasant temperatures.

To get to the Devils Tower, drive to Sundance and then turn onto highway 24 north from I-90. There will be signs along the way. At the big chunk of stone, turn into the monument where you have to pay the entrance fee. You have to register for the climb at the Devils Tower Visitor Center. Registration is free, it's just for record keeping and rescues.

Practical info

When is the optimal period for climbing Devils Tower in Wyoming?

The best months to climb the Tower is August to mid-March. Summer months can be too hot, particularly on the Durrance Route located on the south side of the Tower, hence other periods are recommended. This is to ensure that the climbers get favorable weather conditions while ascending or descending the Tower. Show more

What is the location of Devils Tower in Wyoming?

In northeastern Wyoming lies the Devils Tower, situated near the town of Sundance. After paying the entrance fee at the National Monument and registering at the Visitor Center, climbers can begin to ascend the Tower. The route to the monument begins from Sundance by following Highway 24. Show more

Which route do a majority of climbers use when ascending the Devils Tower?

Approximately 85% of climbers take the Durrance Route when ascending, which is deemed the easiest path to the top. Climb rangers are primarily available during late spring and early autumn, hence climbers are advised to exercise caution when ascending during other periods. It is crucial to verify the weather conditions and inspect all the anchors before beginning the descent. Show more

What precautions do climbers take to prevent accidents while climbing or rappelling from Devils Tower?

Climbers take necessary safety measures when ascending or descending the Tower. It involves inspecting all the anchors before rappelling down and starting from the nose of the columns. Wearing helmets is essential as falling rocks are common. Climbers should also pay extra attention during the descent, which is where accidents tend to happen more often. Show more

What is responsible for the closure of the west side of Devils Tower between mid-March and late July?

Falcon nesting is the reason why the west side of Devils Tower is closed, usually between mid-March and late July. Falcons tend to mate and build their nests on the west side of the Tower, making the area hazardous to climbers. During June, which is voluntary climbing closure month, various American Indian cultural activities take place, fostering co-existence and respect for their culture and beliefs. Show more

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