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Morrison Jeep Trail

Test your nerves at one of the most challenging jeep paths in the U.S.


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Morrison Jeep Trail is a rough and adrenaline-pumping road running from Clarks Fork River valley to the Beartooth Plateau. The trail is also known as Forest Road 120 located within the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming, USA. Being just 22 mi (35.4 km) long, the drive will take about 7 hours. The state of the road justifies why you need so much time for such a short distance.

Morrison Jeep Trail starts at the elevation of around 4,500 ft (1,372 m) and climbs up to 10,203 ft (3,110 m) above the sea level. Besides, you’ll gain about 2,000 ft (610 m) of elevation in 2 mi (3.2 km). It is possible due to 27 tight switchback turns. Keep in mind that if you started climbing up to the Plateau, you have no option to turn back as the trail is a single-lane path with no turnouts. Also, in some places, it is just 8-foot-wide.

On the Plateau, you can take one of the smaller trails stretching from the main route. But make sure you know where you go or carry a map with you not to get lost. This area is one of the most remote places in Wyoming, and there is no cell connection in the area. Also, beware of the weather conditions: the trail is usually closed due to the snow from October to June, and often to mid-July.

The route is definitely not for the fearful and nervous—you should have guts to take it. To drive the trail, you should be an experienced driver, preferably driving a 4x4 ATV. You’ll find yourself on a dusty and bumpy route, and you might deal with landslides. Besides, on the top, the oxygen is limited, and you might experience dizziness. Anyway, the view of the Beartooth Mountain Range is worth the efforts. You may also stop by campsites in Shoshone National Forests or nearby Yellowstone National Park.

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