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Lake Solitude in Wyoming

A beautiful and secluded alpine lake

Best time: July–October

Lake Solitude is located in Grand Teton National Park near Alta, Wyoming, at the head of north Cascade Canyon. A small and beautiful lake attracts many visitors over the summer hiking season. It can be reached from the Cascade Canyon trailhead near Jenny Lake. A scenic trail, 16-mi (26-km) in length both ways, lies through Cascade Canyon and North-Fork Cascade Canyon.

The trailhead to Lake Solitude trail is located at South Jenny Lake. Visitors can take a ferry across the lake to make their hike shorter. Hikers proceed along the south-west shore where they see a beautiful waterfall before climbing to the valley of Cascade Canyon. The trail provides fantastic views of the Tetons: the Teewinot Mountain and Grand Teton. On the way, hikers will see many campsites suitable for an overnight stay.

Lake Solitude is a perfect natural lake with a cirque basin. Many swim in its chilly waters to refresh after the hike. A large section of trail is usually covered with snow well into June, so the best time to hike this trail is from July through October. Wildflowers usually appear in July and August. But beware of summer thunderstorms during that time. They typically happen in the afternoons.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Lake Solitude for hiking?

The trail to Lake Solitude is best hiked from July to October right after the snow melts. Afternoon hiking should be avoided in summer due to sudden thunderstorms. Wildflowers decorate the trail from July to August, making for an excellent opportunity for some nature photography. Show more

Where is the Lake Solitude trailhead located?

Lake Solitude trailhead is found at South Jenny Lake boat dock. The trail can be reached by either taking a ferry across the Jenny Lake or through a longer hike from the parking lot. Hikers should note that it gets crowded during peak season because the hiking spot is well-known. Show more

How long does it take to hike the Lake Solitude trail?

Hiking Lake Solitude Trail and back requires approximately 8-10 hours of non-stop walking, including rest periods. An option to take the ferry shortens the entire hike to roughly 10 miles. The initial section of the journey is steep, so preparing enough water and food is essential. Show more

What are the best campsites for an overnight stay near Lake Solitude?

Those interested in an overnight stay near Lake Solitude have the option to stay in the North Fork Camping Zone in Cascade Canyon. There are 11 campsites available, providing a clear view of Lake Solitude and the surrounding mountains. Visitors must note that campsites are given on a first-come, first-served basis, so arriving early is a must. If preferred, reserved campsites may also be secured in Jenny Lake or Colter Bay. Show more

When do wildflowers typically appear along the Lake Solitude trail?

Hikers along Lake Solitude Trail can observe wildflowers in their full bloom from July to August after the snow has melted. Hikers can see Indian paintbrushes, lupines, fireweeds, and many other wildflowers while hiking in Cascade Canyon and North Fork Cascade Canyon. It is imperative to remember that Wildflower picking is prohibited in the park, so it is better to take photos and leave the flowers for others to enjoy. Show more

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