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Coast to Coast Walk in England

Recognized as a classic, the Coast to Coast route continues to delight trekkers

Coast to Coast Walk
Coast to Coast Walk
Coast to Coast Walk
Coast to Coast Walk
Coast to Coast Walk

This hiking route through the North England—from St. Bees in Cumbria across to Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire—covers a distance of about 300 km. It is called "The Coast to Coast."

This trek is designed for 12 sections, and of course, includes the best natural attractions along the way. Two-thirds of the way passes through the territories of three national parks: the Lake District, the Yorkshire Valleys, and the Heather Heathlands of North York. Picturesque mountain and lake landscapes, and also the authentic spirit of the British outback are truly unique.

The final destination is the town of Robin Hood Bay on the precipitous shore of the North Sea. The trip across Northern England is second place on the list of 50 most interesting walks in the world. If you are serious about defeating obstacles on the way and are ready for physical exertion, do not forget to stock up on waterproof clothing and a detailed map.

The Coast to Coast can be walked all year round, but navigation and walking surfaces can be difficult in poor conditions.Thus, it is best walked between April and October.

Practical info

What are the natural attractions along the Coast to Coast Walk?

The Coast to Coast Walk boasts majestic landscapes depicting mountains, lakes, British outbacks, and territories of three national parks; The Lake District, The Yorkshire Valleys, and The Heather Heathlands of North York. It's an incredibly diverse trail providing natural beauty to trekkers and has earned itself a spot in the world's top-rated trekking destinations. Show more

Which national parks does the Coast to Coast Walk pass through?

Three national parks adorn the path of the Coast to Coast Walk - each depicting varied landscapes. The Lake District is home to mountains, forests, and glacial lakes, while The Yorkshire Valleys has the famous lush valleys. The North York Moors have a heather-covered landscape offering more panoramic views to nature enthusiasts. Show more

How long does it usually take to complete the Coast to Coast Walk?

Hikers complete the Coast to Coast Walk in about 12 sections covering 300 km on average. The trek takes two weeks to complete, depending on the pace, with some able to finish it in 10 days, while others prefer enjoying the surroundings for three weeks. Show more

What type of terrain can be expected along the way?

The Coast to Coast Walk depicts diverse terrain in various ways such as scenic mountains, terrains with rolling hills, valleys, and moors with heather coverage, uneven paths, and flattened ones. Although challenging in some parts, the path is incredibly diverse and offers trekkers astoundingly natural beauty. Show more

What items should be included in a hiker's checklist for the Coast to Coast Walk?

Hikers must have waterproof clothing, maps, sturdy and comfortable footwear, portable chargers, a camelback with sufficient water, first-aid kits, and snacks. A headlamp, toiletries, and a sturdy, comfortable backpack should also make the list. The weather can be relentless, posing a serious challenge to those unprepared. Hikers must ensure their items suit different seasons and weather types. Show more

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