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World Worm Charming Championships 2019

How many worms can you attract from the ground? An annual competition in Willaston (Cheshire, UK) draws enthusiasts from all over the world

World Worm Charming Championships in England - Best Time
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The World Worm Charming Championship is an unusual event, during which people of all ages try to extract as many worms out from soil as possible. The event is usually on one of the Saturdays in June at Willaston County Primary School in Willaston, Cheshire.

World Worm Charming Championships in England - Best Season

The event dates back to 1980. Each participant gets three-metre square plots of land. The record of warm charming was set in 2009 with the quantity of 567 warms.

27 worms
27 worms

Charming, grunting, and fiddling are the most popular methods to attract earthworms from the ground. Participants use different techniques, like vibrating the ground by sticking implements into it, playing music, or patting the soil. But importing worms from outside and digging is against the rules.

Best time for World Worm Charming Championships in England

Prizes are awarded for the single heaviest specimen and the largest quantity of warms. After the competition, all the worms are released into the wild.

The trophies
The trophies

World Worm Charming Championships Map & Location

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