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World Cow Chip Throwing Contest 2024

Find similarities between ultimate frisbee and cow dung tossing

Dates: August 19-24, 2024 (unconfirmed)

The small town of Beaver in Oklahoma is often called The Cow Chip Tossing Capital of the world. The residents are so proud of their agricultural heritage that every spring, they indulge in this unusual sport of throwing a dried piece of cow turd as far as an eye can see. The competition that is proudly called the World Cow Chip Throwing Contest has been held in Beaver since 1969.

About 100 participants compete in the Cow Chip Throwing Contest every third Saturday in April. In addition to local pros, the competition features “VIP throwers"—celebrities, politicians, and various guests. In addition to the contest, a week-long festival offers other entertainment, such as the parade, a talent show, a live music concert, a carnival, a chilly cook-off, and a hobby and craft show. Other competitions during the festival include a golf tournament, a 5K Run, and a tractor pull.

Beaver, Oklahoma, is famous throughout the whole Midwest and the South for its unusual competition. Its registered trademark and mascot are King Cow Chip, a cartoon character depicting dried cow dung. King Cow Chip and his royal entourage are the main attractions at the parade. Also, don't be blown away if you are offered to try cow chip cookies or purchase various manure-themed souvenirs during the festival.

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