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Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest 2024-2025

Get the most amazing frozen hairdo and win decent money for it

Dates: late December–early March

Takhini Hot Springs Hair Freezing Contest is a bizarre competition that runs on the coldest days between late December and early March. The participants arrive here in the dead of winter, any day during the contest period. They dip into hot water and wait until the air freezes their wet hair completely, including eyebrows and eyelashes. To keep ears warm, the organizers recommend periodically plunging them into the water. When one's hair is pure white and ice starts building up, the contestants ring the bell at the pool entrance. Then, the staff come and take photos of extraordinary icy hairstyles. The voting runs later into March. Eventually, several winners are granted C$ 2,000 and other valuable prizes.

The crucial point in the contest is the right weather conditions. Frosty temperatures below -4 °F (-20 °C) are essential. So some days may not be chilly enough to accomplish the trick. Thanks to the temperature of the hot springs of 104 °F (40 °C), the partakers are safe from turning into dead icicles.

The history of the contest goes back to 2011. The hair of winter customers at Takhini Hot Springs would freeze naturally, so the former manager of the resort suggested making a competition out of it. People started taking selfies and the craziest shots won awards. The event began as a small affair in the Yukon Territory but soon gained popularity. People from around the globe take part in the International Hair Freezing Contest.

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