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Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race 2024

If you think that tricycle bikes are designed for 3-year-old kids only, you are wrong. Even an adult can have fun riding it if one knows where and when to try it. Annual tricycle races down the curviest street in the world welcome enthusiasts to San Francisco

Dates: March 31, 2024

Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race was initiated by John Brumit in 2000 when he decided to ride down Lombard Street on his plastic wheel toy. That day, he was the only participant in the race. But people came out to watch. Jon continued his tradition every year, and the watching crowd grew.

In 2006 someone posted a video of this event and as a result, the next year's races featured hundreds of participants. Since then, the annual race has been held on Easter Sunday! Later on, in 2008 the race changed its location to Vermont Street (Potrero Hill), and riders say for better as now the road is more crooked and fun to ride!

Participants race down the curved street on their giant plastic tricycles. No rubber wheels, no metal framed bikes or any other metal pieces are allowed on the course. The ride is all about fun, feeling yourself as a child again, and enjoying the event with your fellow riders.

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