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Best time to visit Napa Valley, CA

Biking in Napa Valley

One of the best ways to tour the famous vineyards and get the advantage of the beautiful Californian outdoors


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Napa Valley boasts year-round warm weather, outstanding scenery, and moderately mountainous terrain, ideal for biking. You can choose one of the guided bike tours, which often include gourmet dining and wine-tasting options, or explore the Californian Wine Country on your own. There are plenty of bike rentals in Napa Valley. You can usually find one right in your hotel or get it delivered to your lodging by a rental company. E-bikes are also a popular rental option in the valley.

Biking in Napa and Sonoma valleys will be a fantastic experience at any time of the year. Fall and spring are considered the best seasons to visit Wine Country because of the grape harvest and wildflower bloom. However, fall is also the busiest season with the highest prices for accommodation. The crowds are much thinner in the winter, but the days are shorter, so plan your bike adventures accordingly.

Napa Valley Vine Trail

Napa Valley Vine Trail is the most popular biking route in Wine Country. The 47-mile (75-km) scenic route runs through the entire Napa Valley, from Vallejo to Calistoga. The trail is paved, safe, and dog-friendly. It features shaded rest areas, shelters with bike racks, and bike work stations for the convenience and comfort of cyclists. You can start your journey at the ferry terminal in Vallejo or at Napa's Kennedy Park, by the Napa River. Also, make sure to stop at Oxbow Public Market to grab a quick breakfast or lunch. Local restaurants and vendors offer fresh local produce, and the riverside view is beautiful.

Many guided bike tours start at Yountville, a picturesque town in the North Bay section of the San Francisco Bay Area, which could be a perfect base for your biking adventure. From there, you could do a 35-mile (56-km) Carneros Loop Trail, a 24-mile (38-km) Dry Creek and Oakville Loop as well as 35-mile (56-km) Pope Valley Loop. From Napa, you can ride on a 35-mile (56-km) Rutherford Loop or take the famous Silverado Trail, the first road that was built to connect Napa and Calistoga.

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