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Sunday Ciclovía in Bogota, Colombia 2023-2025

Choose whatever you like—a bike, skateboard, or rollerskates! Ciclovia is the best way to go sightseeing and feel the real atmosphere of the Bogota City

Best time: Sundays (all year round)

Sunday Ciclovía in Bogota
Sunday Ciclovía in Bogota
Sunday Ciclovía in Bogota

Every Sunday from 7 am until 2 pm, the main streets and highways in Bogota are blocked from traffic for bicyclists, runners, and skaters so you can easily go sightseeing and enjoy the city by bike. The rental fee is about $10.

Weekly ciclovias are visited by approximately 2 million people. While cycling you can discover the city, enjoy street music, try traditional fried corn, and fresh coctails from the guanabana fruit. Along the streets you can find a lot of colorful souvenirs like leather handbags, handmade bracelets, and jewelry.

You can also try the best coffee in the whole world with a Nutella crepe. Apart from this, you can participate in different games and quizzes. One of the most popular and exciting games is racing guinea pigs.

Sunday Ciclovia is available the whole year-round Sundays and public holidays. The peak season to visit Bogota is from July till August. During this period prices are higher and the city is crowded. From December to March it won't be so crowded and the weather is pleasant and nice, but it's very important to avoid the wet seasons in Colombia. April through May, it can be windy, cloudy, and rainy.

Practical info

When can you enjoy Ciclovía in Bogota?

Ciclovía in Bogota is available on Sundays and public holidays all year round from 7 am to 2 pm, allowing visitors to enjoy the city outdoors on bicycles, skateboards, or rollerskates without worrying about traffic. A day spent outdoors during Sundays in Bogota gives visitors the opportunity to embrace and live a healthy lifestyle, and participate in outdoor activities. Show more

What activities await visitors of Ciclovía in Bogota?

There's a lot to experience during Ciclovía in Bogota other than cycling, skating, or running. This includes street music, traditional food, games, quizzes, and even souvenirs like leather handbags, handmade bracelets, and jewellery. You can also enjoy the world's best coffee, as well as a Nutella crepe from one of several street vendors. Racing guinea pigs is another fun activity, as is watching a local rugby game. Additionally, visitors can explore Bogota's culture, heritage, and traditions. Show more

Where can you get a rental bike for Ciclovía in Bogota?

Bike rental is easy in Bogota and can be found at various locations throughout the city and at official bike rental stations. You can rent bicycles, skateboards, or rollerskates from bike rental shops at reasonable rates. The best locations to hire bikes are the official bike rental stations situated along various road blocks, ranging from north to south, with a rental cost of about $10. Show more

What is the best season to visit Bogota and experience Ciclovía?

The peak for Ciclovía in Bogota is from July to August during the annual festival. While celebrating the season, the city is filled with many cultural events, resulting in a crowded city with higher prices. From December until March, the city is less crowded, and the weather is nice. Be sure to avoid the wet seasons which generally occur between May and November. April-May has windy and rainy conditions that can affect outdoor activities. Show more

What are the unique souvenirs available during Ciclovía in Bogota?

In addition to traditional food and crafts sold by street vendors, there are also unique souvenirs available during Ciclovía in Bogota. You can purchase handmade leather handbags, bracelets, and jewelry. In addition, visitors can also enjoy the local cuisine, such as fresh coctails from the guanabana fruit or the famous world-class coffee along with a Nutella crepe. Visitors can also enjoy various outdoor activities such as racing guinea pigs or a local rugby game to complete their experience of the Colombian culture. Show more

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