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Cycling in Hong Kong

Cycling is a great way to explore the countryside and urban routes of Hong Kong


The cycling routes of Hong Kong usually pass through beautiful mountains and coastal scenery. The Tolo Harbour Cycling Track runs along the coastline and is considered the most picturesque in the country. You can admire the great Pat Sin Leng mountains and the huge dam along the way. The best cycling experience is usually during the dry and warm winter months.

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What are some of the cycling routes scenery offerings in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong offers its tourists with various cycling routes to appreciate the sceneries. For instance, the Tolo Harbour Cycling Track is known for its stunning view, stretching 20 km along the coast, and the Pat Sin Leng mountains view. Other recommended routes include the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve and Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk. These routes offer beautiful scenic views of the forested region and beach views, respectively. Show more

What makes the Tolo Harbour Cycling Track unique?

The Tolo Harbour Cycling Track is a road that extends for 20 km along the coast of Hong Kong. This bike track has a mountainous landscape and dam system, resulting in breathtaking views of the Pat Sin Leng mountains. This bike track is scenic for its variety of seascapes, rural villages, and dramatic mountain views. On the other hand, it is also a peaceful route compared to other routes in Hong Kong, which can cater to riders who prefer low crowd levels. Show more

What are the best months to go cycling in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's dry and warm winter months between December and February are perfect for cycling. Summer months can be exceedingly uncomfortable because of the city's hot and humid environment. Autumn has a rainy season hence the route can be slippery and make the ride less pleasant. The winter season, on the other hand, offers mild and comfortable temperatures that are perfect for outdoor activities such as biking. Show more

What is the cost of renting bicycles and cycling gear in Hong Kong and where can you find them?

Most tourist hotspots in Hong Kong rent out bicycles to tourists. You can get city bikes that cost approximately HKD 100-150 per day to explore the Central district's neighborhoods. Depending on the bike feature, the cost of renting bicycles varies. For example, options like road cyclists, flat handlebars, or bikes for mountain rides are available. Alternatively, you can bring your own gear or buy them in Hong Kong if you already own them. Show more

What are the road safety regulations when cycling on Hong Kong's roads?

Cyclists are to adhere to Hong Kong's traffic rules, similarly to motorists. Cyclists must wear helmets, follow the traffic signals, and stay in their designated lanes when cycling on public roads. Cyclists are not to ride on the walkways or highways, and they should yield to pedestrian intersections. It is also recommended that cyclists carry enough sunscreen and water when cycling in Hong Kong, despite the city's network of bike lanes and tracks. Cyclists must be alert for other traffic, particularly in crowded areas. Show more

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