Best time to visit Corsica

Cycling around the Island in Corsica

Enjoy the island's natural beauty by bicycle

Best time: May–June | September–October

Cycling around the Island
Cycling around the Island
Cycling around the Island

Corsica offers a wide range of cycling routes. Beginners can cruise on easy coastal paths while more experienced riders can take to the mountains for a greater challenge. The best time to travel through Corsica on two wheels is during mid-season: May–June and September–October when the weather is pleasant and the roads are less busy. In particular, you can try the coastal path between St Florent and L'Île-Rousse which passes through some of the island's most remarkable landscapes.

Practical info

What are the recommended cycling routes for beginners in Corsica?

If you're a beginner looking to cycle in Corsica, take advantage of the coast's easy paths with their picturesque views of the sea and villages such as Cap Corse, Porto Vecchio, and Papaghiacciu. Use these routes as an alternative to mountainous ones. In addition to these paths, new cyclists can participate in bike tours that offer guidance from experienced cyclists while they pedal through Corsica's countryside. Show more

What is the best time of year to visit Corsica for cycling?

Given the pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and blooming flowers, mid-season proves to be the best time to cycle in Corsica, specifically during May-June and September-October. Cyclists can take full advantage of Corsica's hospitality industry as there are a plethora of accommodations and restaurants available. June to September is typically hotter, making those months less ideal for cycling. Show more

How challenging are the mountain routes for experienced riders in Corsica?

Looking for the ultimate challenge of steep inclines and winding roads in Corsica? The centre of Corsica hosts roads linking Castagniccia to the valley. These paths are perfect for experienced mountain cyclists looking for the ultimate challenge, with no less than breathtaking scenic views from above. Fitness and prior experience are recommended before tackling these routes. Show more

What are the most remarkable landscapes along the coastal path between St Florent and L'Île-Rousse?

Approximately 47 kilometers in length, the scenic route from St. Florent to L'Île-Rousse offers cyclists an unforgettable journey through beautiful diverse landscapes. The route passes through the iconic Agriates Desert, pristine beaches, mountain villages, and seaside towns, including Ostriconi Bay and Sant'Ambroggio Bay, where riders can see their crystal-clear waters. Cyclists can also experience the Mediterranean scents and breeze from the maquis shrubs. Show more

Are there bike rental and repair services available in Corsica for tourists?

Tourists looking to cycle in Corsica can rent bikes from various shops that provide a variety of bikes. Certain shops deliver bikes and offer guides for visitors planning their cycling trips. Additionally, visitors can shop at bike repair shops to handle any bike damage or repairs. To further improve the overall cycling experience, some bike rental shops partner with local hotels to offer cycling-related services such as bike maps to tourists. Show more

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