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Sun and Fun: Beach Season in Corsica

Prepare for lively and energetic beach holidays in Corsica

Sun and Fun: Beach Season
Sun and Fun: Beach Season
Sun and Fun: Beach Season
Sun and Fun: Beach Season
Sun and Fun: Beach Season
Sun and Fun: Beach Season

The most intense fun and beach party holidays occur during the summer months. All imaginable holiday activities are there for you to enjoy. Coastal cities are busy with tourists and offer numerous opportunities for fun: beaches, festivals, parties, and all sorts of cuisines. At this time the countryside is less crowded and gives you an opportunity for more relaxed experiences. Keep in mind that this is the high season, so the booking should be planned in advance.

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What are some of the festivals that take place in Corsica during the summer?

During the summer, Corsica hosts some high-energy and lively events. The Calvi Jazz Festival is celebrated in June and July while the Saint Jean Baptiste Day is celebrated in June. Both festivals are famous for costumes and parade on the streets. Additionally, there is the Festival of Voices in Pigna held in August and the Porto Latino Festival in July. These are an excellent opportunity to enjoy music festivals. Show more

What are the differences between beach and countryside experiences in Corsica during peak season?

If you are looking for a relaxing experience, the countryside is the best option. In contrast, coastal cities are full of lively tourists and offer many fun activities such as parties and different cuisines. During peak season, the beaches are spotless, and the sea is perfect for swimming. On the other hand, countryside experiences offer trekking, walking, and hiking opportunities away from the loud crowds. Show more

Where are the best beaches located in Corsica during the summer months?

Corsica has more than 200 picturesque beaches, and most of them are unique in their way. The Palombaggia beach, the Rondinara beach, and Loto beach in the south, and Saleccia and Ostriconi beaches in the north, are among the most popular choices. Corsican beaches are idyllic, with crystal-clear waters, white sand, and natural vegetation surroundings that make them the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun. Show more

When is the best time to visit Corsica to avoid large crowds but still experience the beaches?

Corsica is a popular summer destination, and the peak tourist season is between July and August. If you wish to avoid crowds, the best time to visit is the shoulder season that runs from May to June and September to October. Even during these months, the weather is still warm enough to swim in the sea. Also, the privacy and fewer crowds will allow you to explore the island at a comfortable pace. Show more

What are some popular cuisines to try in Corsica during the summer?

Corsican cuisine is a fusion of French and Italian cuisines due to its geographical location. Fiadone (a baked cheesecake), Brocciu (a fresh sheep or goat milk cheese), Civet de Sanglier (wild boar stew), Coppa (dried pork) are among numerous dishes to try. The seafood in the region is made from fresh and tasteful sardines, sea urchins, and calamari, widely eaten in Corsica during summers. Show more

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