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Porto Santo and Christopher Columbus' House in Madeira

A paradise island with a unique museum

Best time: March–November

Porto Santo and Christopher Columbus' House
Porto Santo and Christopher Columbus' House

Porto Santo Island is one of Madeira's most popular resorts with its long sandy beaches, picturesque landscape, and rich marine life. It used to be a place for corsairs and fishermen. Visit the house where Christopher Columbus lived – now serves as a museum to learn more about this unusual place and its history. If you plan to take a ferry to Porto Santo from the main island bear in mind that some severe storms can occur from December to February that may stop ferry operations for a day or two.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Porto Santo Island?

For visiting Porto Santo Island, the best season stretches from March to November when the climate is warmer and favorable to indulge in sea activities and explore its extensive sandy beaches. However, the season from December to February is usually rainy and windy, accompanied by occasional storms that may hamper ferry transport operations. Show more

Where is Christopher Columbus' house located exactly?

The set of Christopher Columbus’ abode-turned museum stands out on a cliff at Porto Santo Island, Portugal, providing a picturesque view of the serene coastal region. The place exhibits numerous historical accounts, artistic pieces, and articles related to Columbus and his voyage to America, giving visitors an insight into his life and adventures. Show more

What is the history of Porto Santo Island?

Porto Santo Island is one of the oldest settlements in the world that came into being approximately 600 years ago. Tristão Vaz Teixeira and João Gonçalves Zarco - Portuguese navigators discovered the place in 1418, along with the Madeira Islands. The island continued serving as a layover point for transatlantic flights due to its geographic location and clement dry climate. Additionally, it once served as Christopher Columbus' base for voyages to Africa. Show more

How can I travel from Madeira to Porto Santo Island besides ferry?

The most convenient way to reach Porto Santo island from Madeira is by taking the ferry that sails between the two islands. The Porto Santo Line offers several trips every day. Another alternative is boarding one of the five flights that fly daily from Madeira Airport to Porto Santo Airport managed by two airlines- Binter Canarias and Portugália Airlines. Show more

Can I swim in Porto Santo's waters?

Tourists prefer swimming in the turquoise waters of the beach that extends up to nine kilometers in length at Porto Santo Island. The water temperature, averaging from 17 to 22 degrees Celsius, makes it an ideal place to swim and indulge in other aquatic activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and kitesurfing, providing the visitors with a unique and memorable experience. Show more

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