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Beach Season in Tuscany

Turquoise water and plenty of shade make Tuscan beaches a dream summer getaway

Best time: May–September

Beach Season
Beach Season

Tuscany is not famous for its beaches, although it does have around 400 km of coastline. Some of its resorts, like Viareggio, become too crowded in the summer and don't offer much to see. However, the Maremma coastline and the island of Monte Argentario offer truly spectacular views and are worth a visit.

Generally, the beach season runs from May through September. The best time to enjoy these outstanding natural treasures is the mellow season during September and October. After the school starts prices drop significantly and you can get much more space to yourself at the beach.

Go to Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole which offer some of the best beaches in the region, like Cala Gelso with its coves and crystal clear waters. You can drive through the famous “strada panoramica” which offers spectacular photo opportunities as well.

Practical info

What are the best months to go to Tuscany beaches?

The beach season in Tuscany runs from May until September. September and October are the most recommended months for a unique and tranquil experience. These off-season months are perfect, especially when schools have already started, prices have dropped, and the larger crowds have departed. Show more

What are some of the best Tuscan beach locations?

Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole are among the best Tuscan coastal towns that offer fantastic beaches. Cala Gelso, located in Porto Santo Stefano, is one of the most exceptional and the perfect place to explore for an engaging and unique adventure. Travelers can also take the famous winding road known as 'strada panoramica,' to soak in the picturesque coastal beauty of the area. Show more

What are some un-crowded beach gems in Tuscany?

With over 400km of coastline, Maremma Coastline, and Monte Argentario homestead some of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany. Travelers can enjoy Castiglioncello beach, which provides a peaceful and serene environment hard to find on the Tuscan coast. For a refreshing change and a taste of the local ambiance, this beach is the ideal spot to visit. Show more

What is the meaning of the iconic road called 'strada panoramica,' and where is it located?

The 'strada panoramica' is an iconic road that offers stunning views of the picturesque Tuscany Coast. It is a winding road located between Porto Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole, which provides an unmatched experience to anyone who visits this beautiful coastal road. For spectacular sights and photographic memories, travelers would want to visit this unique attraction. Show more

How busy do Tuscany beaches get in summer months?

Although some Tuscan resorts do get crowded in summer, there is still an opportunity to get a private place on the beach by booking in advance and arriving early enough. The high season, from May to September, attracts more crowds, but visiting in September and October, commonly called the mellow season, visitors will enjoy the beaches of Tuscany without the usual crowds. Show more

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