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Vendemmia or Grape Harvest in Tuscany

Vendemmia is one of the most important seasons in Tuscany

Vendemmia or Grape Harvest
Vendemmia or Grape Harvest
Vendemmia or Grape Harvest
Vendemmia or Grape Harvest

Chianti and other Tuscan wines are famous all over the world. Visiting Tuscany in late August-early October, you can see how it's made and even participate in the harvest. Go to Chianti or Montepulciano and try to stay at a farmhouse and enjoy the simple life of local farmers volunteering to help. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms lists 30 vineyards in Tuscany that seek helpers. Experience is not required, bed and food are usually provided. And you can enjoy excellent Tuscan wines as a bonus. If you prefer to take a guided excursion rather than work, several operators offer Vendemmia Tours that includes a two-hour harvesting experience and lunch.

Working side by side with farmers to hand pick grapes may be one of your most memorable experiences in Tuscany. Along with the work, the harvest is a time for celebration, so lots of food, wine tastings, and music are guaranteed as well. But make sure you apply in advance as many Italians living in cities take time off to help with grape picking, so competition is pretty high.

Vendemmia is the perfect time to tour Tuscany's most famous vineries. In North Tuscany, you can visit Capezzana and Castello di Nipozzano. In Chianti, it's worth checking out Castello di Ama and Antinori. In southern Tuscany, there is Bolgheri Wine region with such vineyards as Le Macchiole and Riparbella. In Meramma area, there are also many smaller vineries like Fattoria La Maliosa in Saturnia and Vino Montauto in Manciano, holding regular tours during Vendemmia.

Practical info

When is the best time to experience Vendemmia in Tuscany?

Late August to early October is a busy season in Tuscan vineyards, bringing with it the opportunity to experience Vendemmia, the grape harvest. One can learn about local customs and watch the grape-picking process, making it the perfect time to understand the Tuscan wine-making process. It also means that vineyards will be buzzing with activity, providing immersion in the culture of the region. Show more

Where are the best places to participate in the harvest in Tuscany?

Many vineyards are present in Tuscany, with Chianti, Montepulciano, Meramma, and Bolgheri wine region being some of the best places to participate in Vendemmia. These regions offer visitors a unique cultural experience and plenty of vineyards to choose from. This is the perfect time to learn about the grape harvest process and Tuscan culture in the midst of working alongside locals. Show more

What are some of the famous vineries in North Tuscany?

Capezzana and Castello di Nipozzano are two of the many famous vineries one can find in North Tuscany. These vineries produce excellent wines such as Vin Santo, Barco Reale di Carmignano, and DOCG Chianti Montalbano. A visit to these vineries not only allows one to try some of the best wines but also to learn about viniculture, wine-making, and the history of the vineyard. Show more

How can I apply in advance to participate in the Vendemmia?

To participate in Vendemmia, one can directly contact the vineyards or use online platforms such as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is important to apply in advance as there is high competition for spots. Most vineyards offer housing and food to grape pickers. Alternatively, some vineyards offer tours comprising a two-hour grape-picking experience and guided tours of other vineyards in the region. Show more

What are the additional activities available during Vendemmia in Tuscany beyond grape picking?

In addition to working the grape harvest, Vendemmia in Tuscany offers an array of cultural activities. Visitors can participate in food and wine tastings, accompanied by local live music. There are also agricultural fairs, truffle hunting parties, and wine tastings. Guided tours of vineyards are also an excellent way to learn about the process and taste local cuisine. Show more

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