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Grape Harvest in Argentina

Grape harvesting is surrounded by many myths and customs in Mendoza, among which there is this holiday—Fiesta de la Vendimia

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Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest
Grape Harvest

The province of Mendoza is the centre of Argentina's wine making. In 2005 it was declared the great wine capital of the world. Here the Malbec grape variety was selected. More than 1,200 local wineries produce up to 70% of Argentina's wine.

The most important event in the life of the region is the collection of grapes, which depends on the grade and degree of maturation. The grapes are harvested only manually from late February to April.

On the first Saturday of February to March in the provincial capital, locals organise a festival—Fiesta de la Vendimia—dedicated to grape harvesting. This is one of the most anticipated events of Mendoza, attracting people from all over the world.

The holiday begins with the fruit blessing, the patroness of which is the Virgin of Carrodilla. People thank the higher powers for a good harvest of grapes—the main treat at the festival, and for the labour of wine producers. Then begins a bright and stormy fun which often lasts for several weeks. In the evening vendimia ‘queens’ parade takes place along the streets of the city. The carnival procession is called "carousel" and includes chariots, dancers, and gauchos and is held in the afternoon on the first Saturday of March. The culmination of the holiday is a grand live concert with dance, song, and a light show in the main amphitheatre of Mendoza called "Fray Romero Day". The celebration ends with fireworks and mass festivities.

Practical info

What is the time frame for the grape harvest in Mendoza, Argentina?

From the end of February to April, grape harvesting takes place in Mendoza, Argentina. This is done manually to ensure the best quality grapes for Argentina's wine production. During this period, tourists come to Mendoza to experience the traditional grape harvest and join in the festivities. Show more

Where can one witness the Festival of the Grape Harvest?

The Festival of the Grape Harvest, also called Fiesta de la Vendimia, is celebrated in the capital city of Mendoza in Argentina. Celebrations often last several weeks leading up to the first Saturday in February to March. The festival has various activities related to the grape harvest culture, including a traditional grape harvest, wine and fruit blessings, carnival parades, street parties, and live concerts. Show more

How is the grape harvest commemorated during the Festival of the Grape Harvest?

The Festival of the Grape Harvest in Mendoza, Argentina, is a significant event attended by locals and tourists. The centerpiece of the festival is the carousel parade, during which participants dress up in costumes and dance while Gauchos and chariots enchant the crowds. The festivities include music, dance, and light shows at the Fray Romero Amphitheatre. The celebrations conclude with a majestic fireworks display. Show more

What is the importance of the Virgin of Carrodilla during the Festival of the Grape Harvest?

The Festival of the Grape Harvest in Mendoza, Argentina, begins with the blessing of fruits by the patroness, the Virgin of Carrodilla. This tradition that started during the 17th century marks gratitude for a good harvest and wine production. The blessing marks the start of the celebration's religious aspect and draws numerous visitors to witness the blessing. Show more

What other ways can one partake in during grape harvest season in Mendoza, Argentina?

Apart from the Festival of the Grape Harvest being a tremendous opportunity to visit Mendoza, visitors can experience other activities during the grape harvest season. Tourists can enjoy grape stomping, guided wine tours, and exploring the vineyards in the area. Visitors can also partake in various outdoor activities such as horseback riding, trekking in the Andes, adventure sports, and relaxing in a thermal bath in Cacheuta. Show more

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