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Grape (Wine) Harvest in Niagara Falls

The arrival of fall is a busy time for Niagara wineries

Grape (Wine) Harvest
Grape (Wine) Harvest
Grape (Wine) Harvest

Weather is a crucial factor for the grape harvest. Some grape vines are heartier than the others, and these can remain further into the season without being threatened by frost. Grapes are collected by mechanical harvesters or hand-picked. The first method is undoubtedly faster, but many viticulturists say you cannot replace the human touch with a machine. Wineries of Niagara On The Lake use both of these techniques and get over 180 tons of grape harvest!

September to October is typically the busiest period for Niagara On The Lake wineries, depending on ripeness of the grape. This is measured by the acid, sugar, and tannin levels. You can observe the harvest and enjoy beautiful fall weather outside as well as taste the wine from previous years.

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