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Okanagan Grape Harvest

Explore the province's best and most picturesque wineries

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The Thompson Okanagan is the oldest, largest, and most popular wine-producing region in British Columbia which includes more than 120 wineries.

Winemaking in the Okanagan Valley began in 1859 with Father Charles Pandosy, who was the first European settler in this area. As Pandosy discovered the land was fertile, he planted the first vines in the region for religious purposes of the Church. Although he was the first, Pandosy was surely not the last to have the valley planted with vines.

In the 20th century, Okanagan wineries started eventually experimenting with vinifera vines and hybrid grape varieties. The selection of high-quality vinifera grapes has led to the Okanagan competing for wine awards.

Catch the grape harvesting season in Kelowna from mid-August to the first week in October!

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