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Commandaria Wine

The oldest named wine in the world is made only in Cyprus

Best time: July

Commandaria Wine
Commandaria Wine

Cyprus claims the oldest perfumes and the oldest wine in the world. This is Commandaria wine, which was called by King Richard the Lionheart of England in 1191 as "the wine of kings, and the king of wines."

Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine with a very rich aroma. The recipe for this wine is kept secret and belongs to Cyprus only. What is known is that the uniqueness of its taste is achieved when the grapes after being picked are left for ten days to dry in the sun.

You can find Commandaria almost everywhere in Cyprus, but it will be more memorable to make the first sip in one of the mountain villages of the Kourris Valley, which hold the annual festival in late July dedicated to Commandaria.

In case you are interested in deeper history and the mystery of this wine a visit to the Commandaria Museum in Zoopigi village should be on your schedule.

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