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Wine is more than just a drink in Georgia, wine is a lifestyle!


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Autumn is the harvest time. And harvest is often called the fifth season of the year in Georgia. Every major end of harvest is heavily celebrated with the whole community and involves a lot of toasts and food. When it comes to wine, there can't be too much of it. It is more than a nice adage to the food, it plays a central role at the party.

After grapes are harvested, they are pressed and squeezed for juice and then fermented for alcohol. Afterwards, it is stored in the huge jars called 'Qvevri', according to the ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine-making method, inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Every family has its secret of making a unique wine and the knowledge is passed on through generations. Witness the community building period in Georgia!​

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