Best time to visit Georgia

Beach Season in Georgia

Warm Georgian sun and mountainous atmosphere will relax you at most

Best time: May–late September

Beach Season
Beach Season

Georgian seashores may be not as famous as French Riviera, but wait till you see beautiful and peaceful Chakvi, Gonio, Kvariati or full of fun and nightlife Batumi, and you will forget you ever dreamt of any other beach destination. Check out Kobuleti for some exciting nature with its Kintrishi Protected Area nearby, and Ureki with its magnetic sand would be your top destination for health improvement. Georgia offe​rs beach holidays for every taste and will long stay fresh in your memory.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Georgian beaches?

One can visit Georgian beaches from May to late September, during the sunny, warm months when the sea temperature is perfect for beach activities. There are plenty of outdoor events that visitors can participate in during this season. Occasionally, the beaches might get crowded, especially in Batumi. Show more

Where are the most peaceful beaches located in Georgia?

For those seeking peaceful beaches, options include Chakvi, Gonio, Kvariati, Kobuleti, and Ureki. Chakvi and Gonio beaches offer picturesque sandy beaches, while Kvariati has clear turquoise water. Kobuleti is a combination of beach recreation and ecotourism near the Kintrishi Protected Area, while Ureki offers its famous magnetic sand known for its healing properties. Show more

What makes Georgian beaches unique compared to other beach destinations?

Georgian beaches have a unique mix of charming sea towns, mountainous surroundings, mild subtropical climate, and the enigmatic Black Sea ecosystem. These traits attract visitors seeking a wide range of experiences. Batumi is of particular interest with its architectural landmarks, museums, galleries, and culinary offerings. Show more

When is the peak season for beach tourism in Georgia?

The peak season for beach tourism in Georgia is during July and August, when visitors flock to soaking June-August sunshine and enjoy beach activities. However, beach enthusiasts can also visit during May, June, and September, when the atmosphere is more relaxed, and crowds are thinner. Show more

Where can we find natural attractions near the Georgian beaches?

There are several natural attractions available near Georgian beaches. These include Kintrishi and Mtirala National Parks for hiking and Batumi Botanical Garden to explore the region's flora. Kintrishi Protected Area has a lovely river valley, while Mtirala National Park stretches through a sub-tropical forest. Show more

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