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Fishing Trout in Georgia

Georgia is well-known for its trout and other fish. It is definitely one of the top ​fishing destinations

Fishing Trout

The variety of waters across Georgia offers an enormous assortment of fish, with the trout being the most popular the mountain rivers.

One of the best places for trout fishing is the Rioni River, which runs from the Upper Racha mountains to the Black Sea. Another suitable area is the Tusheti National Park. All the rivers in the Tusheti National Park are all glacier-fed water running off of shale rock, which is absolutely beautiful. To catch the trout, you can use common fly fishing material and equipment.

Generally, the Republic of Georgia can be a total fisherman’s paradise. From the beautiful landscapes and ample mountain rivers and streams, it’s hard to dampen the desire to fish here as this activity can turn into an unforgettable adventure with lots of adrenalin! The best time in the mountainous regions is July through September, but you can start already in May at the foothills.

Practical info

When is the best time to go trout fishing in Georgia?

The fishing season for trout in Georgia depends on the location with the mountainous areas being excellent from July to September and trout fishing in the foothills beginning as early as May. It's generally not advisable to go trout fishing during the winter season since it's highly likely the streams and rivers are inhabitable due to freezing temperatures. Show more

Where are the best areas for trout fishing in Georgia?

Trout fishing in Georgia is popular in the mountainous regions with Tusheti National Park and the Rioni River being excellent locations to experience it. Tusheti National Park has glacier-fed rivers and streams running off shale rock with beautiful scenery, while the Chattahoochee River offers impressive brown trout fishing opportunities. Show more

What kind of fish can be found in Georgia besides trout?

Apart from trout, there are plenty of fish species in Georgia, including perch, catfish, panfish, salmon, bass, and bream. Pike, Muskie, and Walleye are available in some waterways depending on location. Smallmouth bass fishing opportunities using a fly rod can also be found along rocky shores and streams in some areas of Georgia. Show more

What equipment is needed for trout fishing in Georgia?

To go trout fishing in Georgia, you will typically need fly-fishing gear and materials such as a lightweight fly-rod of about 7 to 9 feet, fly line, backing, and tippet. A fly reel, an assortment of flies, and leaders are also required. Wearing bright clothing should be avoided to avoid spooking the fish, and wading boots, waders, and polarized sunglasses are essential for protection from slipping on wet rocks and the sun’s rays. Show more

What makes Georgia a great destination for fishing enthusiasts?

Georgia's many rivers, streams, and waterways make it an ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts. Trout is the most popular fish with fantastic fishing opportunities in the mountainous regions. A variety of fish species can be caught in the state's rivers and waterways. Apart from the fishing experience, the stunning landscapes and beautiful scenery make it a memorable destination for novice and experienced anglers alike. Show more

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