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Lake Nasser Fishing Safari in Egypt

Discover the pleasure of a big catch in Lake Nasser

Best time: March–June

Lake Nasser Fishing Safari
Lake Nasser Fishing Safari
Lake Nasser Fishing Safari

Lake Nasser, one of the biggest manmade lakes in the world, is situated on the Nile south of Aswan in the middle of the largest and driest deserts on our planet. Ancient Egyptians were traditional fishermen on this part of Nile and you can relive their experiences. Try an unforgettable stay in full wilderness where you have the chance to capture the largest fish living in freshwater: the Nile perch, huge tilapia, the piranha-like tigerfish, and eighteen kinds of giant catfish. Tilapia spawns in mid-March, catfish thrives in depths of up to 6 m till late September. Big fish can be caught in deeper waters by trolling over submerged promontories or islands, and by fly-fishing from March to July. Generally, March to the end of June is prime time for the Nile perch, it is one of the best venues for this fish mainly due to the clear visibility of the lake!

Practical info

When is the optimal time to participate in a fishing safari at Lake Nasser?

To have the best catch of fish in Lake Nasser, it's recommended to visit between March and the end of June. The Nile perch fish, which is one of the biggest fish living in freshwater, can be found during this period. Other species such as tilapia and catfish, which require diverse fishing techniques, are available too. March is the spawning time of tilapia fish, and the catfish thrives in shallower environments until late September. From March till July, Nile perch are more likely to be caught by fly-fishing, especially over submerged islands and promontories. Show more

Which types of fish can be caught at Lake Nasser?

At Lake Nasser, several fish species can be caught by visitors. The Nile perch, which is the largest fish living in freshwater and is abundant in the lake, is one of them. Another popular fish is the tilapia, which spawns between January to March. Additionally, giant catfish, which prefers deeper environments, can be found until September. It is important to note that different species require varying fishing techniques and that it is best to get guidance from local tour operators concerning the best methods of catching each fish. Show more

What is the ideal location at Lake Nasser to catch varied fish species?

When fishing at Lake Nasser, the optimal areas to catch different fish species vary because of various factors such as weather changes, the season, and the time of the day. Nile perch can usually be found in deep waters close to submerged islands and promontories. Also, fly-fishing can be a good way to catch them from March to June. However, tilapia are more common in shallow waters during mid-March while giant catfish are available until late September, particularly when fishing in depths of approximately six meters. Tour operators can assist by providing details on the ideal spots to get the best results. Show more

Is it possible for visitors to bring their own fishing materials or is it only available through local tour operators?

Although visitors can bring their own fishing equipment, local tour operators usually offer all the necessary gear as part of their fishing safari packages. This incorporates transport, boats, fishing rods, and bait, which can be more suitable and cost-effective to tourists who are travelling from overseas. It is important to consult local tour operators to learn what is included in their fishing safari packages. Show more

Can cultural and historical sites be explored when participating in a fishing safari at Lake Nasser?

Apart from fishing, tourists can visit places that have cultural and historical significance while on a fishing safari at Lake Nasser. In Aswan city, located to the north of the lake, one can find several fascinating sites and temples, such as the Philae Temple, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the High Dam. Besides that, there is a rich cultural heritage that the native Nubian community offer, including traditional crafts and dances. Visitors ought to be aware of local cultural norms and dress modestly when visiting indigenous communities. Show more

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