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Lake Nasser Fishing Safari

Discover the pleasure of a big catch in Lake Nasser


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Lake Nasser, one of the biggest manmade lakes in the world, is situated on the Nile south of Aswan in the middle of the largest and driest deserts on our planet. Ancient Egyptians were traditional fishermen on this part of Nile and you can relive their experiences. Try an unforgettable stay in full wilderness where you have the chance to capture the largest fish living in freshwater: the Nile perch, huge tilapia, the piranha-like tigerfish, and eighteen kinds of giant catfish. Tilapia spawns in mid-March, catfish thrives in depths of up to 6 m till late September. Big fish can be caught in deeper waters by trolling over submerged promontories or islands, and by fly-fishing from March to July. Generally, March to the end of June is prime time for the Nile perch, it is one of the best venues for this fish mainly due to the clear visibility of the lake!

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