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Fishing in Ibiza 2024

Try to catch an Ibizan tuna while drifting amidst the reefs of San Antonio Bay

Best time: May–September


San Antonio Bay is a famed fishing location in Ibiza, but nowadays it is more about having fun than catching lots of fish. Standard trips are designed to last for three to four hours, though a day-long fishing experience amidst the bay's reefs is also available. Although tuna is not as huge as it used to be years ago, the fish is still plentiful and the luckiest ones might have both—fun and a good catch. The fishing season falls on period from May to September.

Practical info

When is the best time to fish in San Antonio Bay in Ibiza?

From May to September, San Antonio Bay is the ideal location for fishing enthusiasts due to the warm and calm water conditions. During this period, several popular fish species can be caught, including swordfish, tuna, and sea bass. The recommended time for fishing may vary depending on the species targeted, with each having its own season of abundance. Show more

Where is the best location to go fishing in Ibiza?

San Antonio Bay holds a top spot for fishing in Ibiza among beginners and experts alike. The fishing bay is located on the island's western coast and offers an excellent location for fishing aficionados. An abundance of fish species is found on the bay's reefs, making it a popular fishing spot. Cala Llonga and Santa Eulalia are other top locations with varied fish species, offering a great fishing experience. Show more

What types of fish can you catch in San Antonio Bay?

San Antonio Bay is abundant in fish species, including tuna, swordfish, and sea bass, among others. These fish species are the primary targets for fishing enthusiasts in the area. Fishing in the bay near the reefs may result in catching a huge tuna, a memorable experience. However, fishing for different fish species in San Antonio Bay may vary depending on the season. Show more

How long are the standard fishing trips in San Antonio Bay?

The fishing time in San Antonio Bay normally takes roughly three to four hours, which is adequate for exploratory fishing trips. However, full-day fishing trips are also available and come with lunch and refreshments, ideal for spending more time fishing with friends and family on the water. Show more

Is it necessary to bring your own fishing equipment or is it provided?

Fishing charters in San Antonio Bay usually provide all the necessary equipment needed to go fishing, from rods to bait and tackle. Still, it’s recommended to confirm beforehand with the charter service to ensure you are well equipped. Experienced fishermen that would instead come with their equipment can also do so, but must comply to the regulations and guidelines provided by the charter service. Show more

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