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Best time to visit Alaska

Salmon Fishing

If you’ve never fished before, Alaska is a good place to start! Accept the challenge and try to catch some big salmon


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Alaska’s waters are extremely rich in fish; that’s why this American state attracts thousands of fishermen every year. The most popular here is salmon, and you can find different species of this fish in local rivers. Bright Red salmon, Pink salmon, fighting Silver salmon and a local star—the huge King salmon are waiting for you! Every summer, they run up Alaskan river rapids, jumping out of the water all along the way, so this is the best time to go fishing in Alaska. Good places for this are near Anchorage, Homer, Ketchikan, and Seward. But the best location for sure is Kenai River, which is probably the richest river in all of the ​America—here you can catch all five species of salmon. In addition, the nature around Kenai is truly amazing, so it is worth visiting at least for the picturesque l​andscapes.

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