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Deep Hole Fishing in Cambodia

Try the easy way to fish: dig a hole, and...there's your catch!

Best time: October–April

In Cambodia, there is a great fishing method that doesn't require you to spend hours keeping an eye on your fishing rod or nets. First of all, see how locals do it to learn from them. If you would like to try on your own, make sure to check the hole once in a while to make sure the fish is there and is still alive. Once you collect your catch, make sure to fill in the hole so it doesn't remain active with no reason.

Deep hole fishing traditionally coincides with the dry season, namely October through April. It happens so due to the fact that during the dry season deep pools serve as refuges for some fish species. There is a number of deep pools around the Mekong river flow in Kratie and Stung Treng Provinces.

Practical info

When is the best time of the year to try deep hole fishing in Cambodia?

Deep hole fishing is most successful in Cambodia during the dry season, typically from October to April. In Kratie and Stung Treng Provinces, deep pools around the Mekong River serve as refuges for fish during this time. A better catch is possible during the dry season as the fish are concentrated in the remaining water. Fishing is not recommended during the rainy season from May to September due to the Mekong River's increased danger. Show more

Where can I find deep pools for fishing around Mekong River in Cambodia?

For deep hole fishing around the Mekong River, visit Kratie and Stung Treng Provinces in north-eastern Cambodia. These two provinces offer excellent spots for deep pool fishing. Try joining a tour to remote locations with seasoned local fishermen for the best experience. These tours can be arranged by travel agents, hotels or local communities. Show more

How do locals in Cambodia catch fish using the deep hole fishing method?

To fish using deep hole fishing, Cambodian fishers dig a hole in the riverbank or a shallow area with tools like shovels or hoes. After placing bait in the fish trap, it is left for 12 to 24 hours before the fisher checks for any catch. The trap can be adjusted to maximize the fish catch. Locals often practice sustainable fish farming while catching fish in deep holes to avoid endangerment of fish species. Show more

What kind of fish species can be caught using deep hole fishing in Cambodia?

Deep hole fishing in Cambodia offers opportunities for catching various fish breeds including snakeheads, catfish, barbs, trout, and danios. The fish in the Mekong River have excellent texture and taste, making them perfect for eating. It is important to keep a check on fishing regulations before starting fishing, as rules regarding the size and quantity of the catch can differ from region to region. Show more

Are there any safety precautions I should take when trying deep hole fishing in Cambodia?

Taking adequate safety measures when fishing with deep hole fishing techniques in Cambodia is essential. Fishers should check for any dangerous fish or insects as some may be hazardous, and wearing appropriate clothing—a necessity to avoid any injuries from sharp rocks in the areas. Keeping the environment clean is also crucial to practice proper disposal techniques and show respect for the environment. Show more

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