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Piranha Fishing

Waters seem to boil as a school of piranhas devours your bait—both frightening and awe-inspiring!


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Perhaps the notorious film is an exaggeration, but the piranhas are really bloodthirsty, and you can see this with your own eyes while fishing! Even just as a piece of meat touches the water surface it seemingly starts "boiling" as piranhas have their dinner. These fish are so proficient that you may find all your bait gone without a single fish hooked. Just look at the protruding jaws and sharp teeth—real monsters indeed. The fish is indigenous to the Amazon Basin ​and is found aplenty in the pampas during the dry season from May to October. Fishing season is on, but swimming is to be avoided. If you still venture i​n the piranha-infested waters, at least opt for the night time, as then they are less active than in the daytime. However, if you do not fancy a personal encounter with live piranhas, you might also order a fried plate and observe the menacing jaws in delicious safety.

Piranha Fishing in Bolivia - Best Season 2020
Best time for Piranha Fishing in Bolivia 2020