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Piranha Fishing in Bolivia

Waters seem to boil as a school of piranhas devours your bait—both frightening and awe-inspiring!

Best time: May–October

Piranha Fishing
Piranha Fishing
Piranha Fishing

Perhaps the notorious film is an exaggeration, but the piranhas are really bloodthirsty, and you can see this with your own eyes while fishing! Even just as a piece of meat touches the water surface it seemingly starts "boiling" as piranhas have their dinner. These fish are so proficient that you may find all your bait gone without a single fish hooked. Just look at the protruding jaws and sharp teeth—real monsters indeed. The fish is indigenous to the Amazon Basin ​and is found aplenty in the pampas during the dry season from May to October. Fishing season is on, but swimming is to be avoided. If you still venture i​n the piranha-infested waters, at least opt for the night time, as then they are less active than in the daytime. However, if you do not fancy a personal encounter with live piranhas, you might also order a fried plate and observe the menacing jaws in delicious safety.

Practical info

What is the best season for fishing piranhas in Bolivia?

The period from May to October, which coincides with the dry season, is the most suitable time for anglers to head to Bolivia in search of piranhas. During this time, the pampas are teeming with piranhas, and visitors are guaranteed an exhilarating fishing experience. If you plan on piranha fishing in Bolivia, it's highly recommended to visit during this time of year for optimal conditions. Show more

Where is the habitat of piranhas in Bolivia?

Piranhas are typically found in the pampas, a vast plain in Bolivia, during the dry season, which spans from May to October. The Amazon Basin is their natural habitat, and his species' presence contributes to the allure of the Bolivian pampas. Guests can book lodges located near the fishing areas and embark on a memorable piranha fishing excursion while in proximity to scenic views and comfortable accommodation. Show more

What should be used as bait when fishing for piranhas?

When piranha fishing, meat or fish is ideal to use as bait to lure the fish. The smell of the meat bait or chicken breast attached to the hook can attract piranhas to bite. Fresh bait is commonly the most effective as piranhas consume the bait promptly. Bringing enough bait while fishing is highly recommended so that you can maintain a steady stream of prey without having to run out and obtain more during your fishing excursion. Show more

How dangerous can piranhas be to anglers fishing in bodies of water?

Piranhas have razor-sharp teeth and are notorious for their ferocious jaws which can quickly take a bite out of the angler's skin. Because of this, it is advised that when fishing, individuals avoid submerging hands and feet into the water. At night, piranhas are generally less active, making it safer as the fish are not as likely to be attracted to bait. With the appropriate safety protocols, angling for piranhas during the day while in the water can be done relatively safely without harm. Show more

Is it possible to consume the piranhas once caught?

Once caught, piranhas are a delectable dish served in many South American regions, and they are edible. After the fish are caught, they can be scaled, deboned, filleted, and then cooked by frying or grilling with local spices added to season to taste. Many local restaurants feature a fried piranha dish that tourists can enjoy. However, the flesh-piercing strength of piranhas may be unpleasant to eat for people with a weak stomach. Show more

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